You Have Shamed Jesus

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I Take Offense to This

ä fence gifs homophone I literalism offense take TO - 6602818560
Via Reddit

Text and Cutscenes Everywhere

ä cutscenes jrpg meme text - 6353104896
By Unknown

I Was Expecting Pokémon, Not This!

ä alphabet bra Lame Pun Coon puns z - 6423205376
By abyssquick

Gamers Don't Even Read the Manuals

ä gamers rage comic - 6264126208
By Mat Johnston

I Was Hoping For an ASUS, But Okayface.jpg

ä adele double meaning draw something dude getting homophone literalism slogan - 6178992896
By failbLOLg (Via The Punking)

It Determines Your Worth as a Human

b ä choose wisely coke favorites pepsi Rage Comics xbox - 6161937152
By Unknown

You Find it a Wood Colander?

ä double meaning fence Hall of Fame homophones literalism offensive syllables - 6000952320
By MeeKoH

E for Effort! A for Apple!

e ä apple effort grade Nailed It - 5912794880
By dathings

God Hates Figs

ä bible derogatory figs god Hall of Fame I letter similar sounding - 5773787648
By Criss.M

Classic: Because A's Don't Sting

ä bee high expectations asian dad sting wtf - 5658019072
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Also Works With "But That Scholarship Bundle Seemed So Accommodating..."

ä explanation forever alone homophones literalism loan meme rage comic Rage Comics - 5301783808
By emuszd

A Capital Contradiction

ä capital double meaning Hall of Fame letter literalism - 5225142784
By skeptical man

Annoying Childhood Friend: A+?! No Way!

ä Annoying Childhood Friend cheats grade kids school - 5131698944
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ä bible canon double meaning Hall of Fame homophones know literalism need - 5047380224
By Unknown

Foul Bachelor Frog: Halo Can't Reach

ä foul bachelor frog games halo lazy Reach start video games - 4969366016
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