Fascinating thread about the sequel to 101 Dalmatians

Twitter Thread Details the 'One Hundred and One Dalmatians' Sequel About Total Dog Domination

Disney's One Hundred and One Dalmatians is a pretty iconic movie - and is based on an equally iconic book with nearly same title. But did you know that there was a sequel to the book? One would think that the live-action spinoff would follow the same plot. But it doesn't. And that's because the story is so insane it's impossible to film. Twitter user @SketchesByBoze enlightened the site with these facts in a mind-blowing thread last year - a thread that we only happened upon nearly a year later…
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Depressing twitter thread about bad work experiences, tweets, bad jobs, bad bosses

Sad Souls Share Their Worst-Ever Work Stories

What a wonderful world.
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Funny times things escalated quickly, Reddit, stupid,

Crazed & Spicy Times Things Escalated Quickly

Whoa there
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Blimps, funny story about how there are only 25 blimps in the world, twitter

People Discuss the World's Surprising Lack of Blimps

Where the blimps at?
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Funny stories about bad dates with

Women Share Weird & Cringey Things Men Have Done On Dates

Dating is hard. And now that things are dying down a little, Covid-wise, we expect the scene is going to get a whole lot crazier. While it's great that those romantic Zoom meetups are (mostly) a thing of the past, there were some perks to getting acquainted to a Tinder or Bumble date ahead of meeting them in person. Namely, being able to get a feel for the suitor's idiosyncrasies before having to get stuck on a date with them in real life. It's a lot easier to close the laptop on a doomed tryst…
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People share Zoom Horror stories, meetings, online

People Share Their Worst Zoom Horror Stories

Maybe we weren't ready for this.
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Twitter user shares conversation between artist and prospective customer who fakes death to try to get free stuff

Entitled Liar Fakes Death to Get Free Art

Many moons ago, when I was an internet-addicted high school student, I would see people with beautiful Livejournal layouts, profile photos, and backgrounds. Most were painstakingly created in Photoshop , dappled with effects that range from artfully old and coffee stained to seemingly glowing from within. The artists responsible would usually take commissions, either in the form of actual money or via trades. I could never afford such a luxury. Instead I became friends with other fan fiction en…
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Cool facts that seem fake, science, history,  ecology, biology, stupid, animals, anatomy

Fake-Sounding Facts That Are Actually Very Real

The more you know.
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Funny stories about awkward dates, bad dates, horror stories, dating, relationships, Patricia Arquette skateboarder, wow, lol

Cringey Tales Of Supremely Terrible Dates

Some of these stories are beyond awkward.
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Funny memes about getting older, millennials, aging, tweets, twitter

Relatable Memes For Geriatric Millennials

It hurts.
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Cheapskate, entitled, carpenter, text story | text messages Still 2 weeks 17:39 will seriously notify Mark and will advise him not use anymore if can't do better than 2 weeks 17:47 17:49 dos weeks 17:50

Entitled Kid Schooled After Demanding Insane Carpentry Turnaround

Hopefully he learned a valuable lesson
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Tacky entitled posts from entitled people internet craigslist WTF

Choosing Beggars Who Expected the World

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Funny fails and moments of internet stupidity, california, funny tweetsk social media

Impressive Instances of People Going Full Stupid

Go crazy. Go stupid.
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Sexism, sexist tweets, masculinity, twitter, bad takes from people on twitter

Bad & Batshit Takes on the Subject of Masculinity

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WTF stories from Twitter thread

WTF Anecdotes Both Serendipitous and Scary

Most people have at least one story they can tell that will freak people the f*** out. Sometimes they're wholesome moments of coincidence - like those people who realize they were photographed years ago at the beach at the same time and in the same place as their significant other . Sometimes the tales are terrifying. That's how a former coworker was able to convince me that ghosts are real. My party trick of a tale involves meeting and chatting with Keanu Reeves the first time I got stoned. Le…
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Stupid, funny, dumb, and weird things people did while high, stoned, smoking marijuana, bong rip, weed, 4/20

Weird & Dumb Things People Did While High

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