Oh, Wheatley!

Portal Wheatley - 8198271488
Created by Pologyoil

Leave Me Alone Wheatley

art Wheatley Portal gladOS - 6915752192

343 Wheatley Spark

crossover halo Wheatley - 6567832064
Created by jc2581

Which Team Are You?

gladOS portal 2 the internets Wheatley - 6104296192
Created by chibibailey

Reframe: Paradoxes - You're Doing Them Wrong.

gladOS Memes Portal video games Wheatley - 5670892544
Created by evilelmo

Pushing Patrick: Where Wheatley Originated

gladOS origins potato pushing patrick video games Wheatley - 5160523776
Created by Thatqcguy

Good Guy Greg Doesn't Try to Escape

gladOS Good Guy Greg Portal tests video games Wheatley - 4949486080
See all captions Created by Kittehkatznumbah2

Back from Space

fusion Pokémemes portal 2 space video games Wheatley - 4844343040
Created by ImmaSpah

Cleverbot's Identity

paradox Portal the internets Wheatley - 6455046400
Created by Extreme_Z7
halo portal 2 Wheatley mashup - 43681537

Brilliant Portal 2/Halo Mashup of the Day

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Clearly Philosoraptor Never Played Portal 2

meme philosoraptor portal 2 Wheatley - 6094988800
Created by piguy31415