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Selfies At Auschwitz: Twitter Users Rally Against Disrespectful Concentration Camp Visitor

People may have been taking selfies 20 years ago (Myspace angles, anyone?) but they definitely weren't taken the same way they are now, whether we're talking about frequency, ease, or more about confidence levels. And while it's nice to get an ego boost on Instagram every now and again, it often seems as though selfies have become compulsive. People will literally take them everywhere, and sometimes, it's an actual problem. Just this past weekend, Twitter user @MariaRMGBNews provided the bird a…
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Funny anime memes and history memes | Germany ever do don't attack US don't have resources deal with Japan s not if can or can't do matters is if want do | Britain British history books Britain American history books Britain Indian history books Britain Hong Kong history books

Memes That Expertly Mix Anime and History

We've got some good news for history buffs who also happen to appreciate the finer things in life. You know, things of culture. And if you're a man of culture you'll know we're talking about anime and history memes. Thanks to the r/HistoryAnimemes subreddit, there's a wealth of history meme/ anime meme mashups at our disposal. You know, the best of both worlds. Some of the memes are a bit depressing, others are slightly less doomy. But we're just glad that there's finally a way we can enjoy the…
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A Healthy Helping of Historical Memes

I was not a cool kid. Up until high school, my experiences with friendship generally started with convenience and were maintained by mutual interests. But because I was not cool, these interests were a bit unorthodox. I was obsessed with reading ultra-bleak history tomes, as well as even bleaker fiction. Much of my choices surrounded World War II , and in particular, the Holocaust. I had learned at a young age that my grandfather's family was all but exterminated in their home in Ukraine, for t…
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A Battalion of 'Band of Brothers' Memes For WWII Enthusiasts

There are a lot of stereotypes out there about older men. I remember a wise editor from FailBlog saying that when you reach middle age, you can be one of two types of men: a model train guy, or a WWII guy . And I, despite being a woman who is under 40, definitely fall into the latter category. While I enjoy all forms of war-related media (except for, you know, the news), there's something about WWII movies that just hits different. Even better than WWII movies? WWII miniseries. My personal favo…
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A Selection of Funny History Memes That Paraphrase the Past

Whether you love to laugh at the past or fact-check dubious history memes in your spare time, we've got a bunch of amusing content right here for history buffs and novices alike.
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A Scholarly Bunch of History Memes For Big Brained Scrolling

It's almost 2023 and it feels as though we've been living in unprecedented times for, well, our whole lives. Maybe I'm just speaking for millennials, but nothing has felt right. Nothing has felt easy. And everything all over the globe feels like a damn mess. That said, we imagine there have been more than several periods of history that felt charged with the same chaotic energy. Looking back in time, there have been countless wars, natural disasters, and violent atrocities in pretty much every…
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Funny memes about Band of Brothers

'Band of Brothers' Memes For Lovers of the HBO Miniseries

I guess I need to admit that we don't all have the urge to watch gruesome, bleak, and violent war movies and read books about statecraft and strategy. I fully recognize that as a 34-year-old woman, this may be considered an odd passion or pastime. But if you, too, watched Band of Brothers as many times as I have, you can definitely understand the fascination with brave American paratroopers descending through a smoke-filled night sky in France. At the very least, one must have some admiration f…
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Funny spicy memes about history, wars, europe, united states, revolutions

Spicy History Memes That Playfully Poke Fun At the Past

Many people say we're living in unprecedented times, but we imagine there have been more than several periods of history that felt charged with the same precarious energy. This may be our first time really getting those rights taken away from us, but we all know that it's happened before. Which is pretty damn backwards. We usually have a blast collecting history memes for galleries like this, but it's a bit more bittersweet now that we're dealing with situations that will be memed generations f…
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Funny 'Band of Brothers' Memes For the WWII-Obsessed Dad in All of Us

Okay, maybe we don't all have the urge to watch war movies and read books about statecraft and strategy. I fully recognize that as a 33 year old millennial woman, this may be considered…odd. But if you, too, watched Band of Brothers as much as I have, you may understand the fascination with paratroopers descending through a smoke-filled French sky. Or the admiration for the camaraderie depicted in the HBO miniseries. These guys saved each other's asses as they all attempted to save Europe. For…
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Funny memes about HBO band of brothers.

'Band of Brothers' Memes For the WWII-Obsessed Dad in All of Us (February 15, 2022)

Once a year, or perhaps even more than once, I get the urge. It's an ache, really. A yearning for a place I have not been, and the camaraderie of men I have never really known. Men whose bravery would put most people's heroes to shame. Men that, if you can believe it, after they hooked up with I Company, came back. No, I'm not talking about the Fellowship of the Ring. I'm talking about the admirable, vulnerable, sensitive, and handsome men of Band of Brothers, which is quite possibly the best W…
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Spicy History Memes Full Of Knowledge

To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand these memes.
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40+ History Memes For Intellectual Scrollers

The past makes for some good memes.
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40+ Spicy History Memes for Laughing at the Past

Did you know the Gallipoli front was one of the worst military campaigns of WWI according to British veterans who served there? Neither did I, until I saw some random meme about it that I had to google to understand. Apparently, when the British weren't battling the Ottoman Empire on their turf, they were fighting fly swarms caused by rotting bodies, water shortages, blistering heat, lice, dysentery, and insufficient rations. Pretty nasty stuff. I'm sure there are plenty of history buffs rollin…
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Funny and dank history memes

30 Dank Memes Filled With Historical Humor

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30 Funny Memes For History Nerds

They're a blast from the past.
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Cool video about how soldiers would risk their lives for ice cream, cracked history

Apparently American Soldiers Would Sometimes Risk Their Lives For Ice Cream

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