Gooooooood Morning Vietnam! Time to dive into this massive bowl of Pho and tickle your funny bone with puns and jokes all about Vietnam.

Every Single Time

snoop dogg and britney spears. funny meme about how creedence clearwater revival is always used in vietnam war movies.
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object labeling meme pic of a girl tracing the silhouette of a cat onto a paper

'Girl Tracing Cat' Memes Let You Throw Some Major Shade

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Funny meme about captain america, captain vietnam.
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Favorite Flavor

Funny meme about hot pockets that are flavored to be vietnam war flashbacks.
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I Love the Smell of Gingerbread in the Morning

leg lost nom Vietnam nam shortening literalism double meaning - 6681191168
By _C_A_T_

It's So Good, You'll Have to Eat it to Belie-viet!

colloquialism noms restaurant suffix Vietnam - 6494585856
By Unknown

Traffic Cop Clings To Front Of Speeding Bus In Vietnam

bus cop crazy FAIL gifs traffic Vietnam wtf - 6107173120
By _C_A_T_ (Via

Rowing in Vietnam

crane epic gifs rowing Vietnam win - 6091374592
By Unknown

Good Effort Though?

socially awkward penguin uncles Vietnam war - 5873566720
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Traffic in Vietnam

awesome gifs mindwarp scooters timelapse traffic Vietnam - 5531200256
By Unknown

Post-Traumatic Bake Disorder

abbreviation cookies double meaning gingerbread gingerbread man Hall of Fame homophone literalism nam nom slang Vietnam - 5286370560
By Han.D.Jay

Crosswalks Work in Vietnam

gifs mindwarp traffic Vietnam walking win - 4990963712
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chicken delicious food homophone leg lost nam nom noms Vietnam - 4201513472
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