Cracked remade lord of the rings for $20

We Remade Lord of the Rings For Only $20

Budget at its best.
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Yes, It's True

Funny meme that reads, "My answer whenever someone asks me how old I am;" above a photo of John Mulaney saying, "I was once on the telephone with Blockbuster Video"
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Hell Yeah

Caption that reads, "A laptop but with a VHS player" above a pic of a laptop with a video tape and a Tumblr comment below that reads, "A glimpse into another dimension"
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Photos from the 1990s thata will give people nostalgic feelings, toys, polly pocket.

Flashback Friday: 20 Photos That Will Give You Serious Nostalgic Feels

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Good Guy VHS

VHS - 8756456960
Created by Unknown

So That's How VCRs Work

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Your Tribute From District Potato

VHS movies books hunger games - 7933449472
Created by Unknown
backstreet boys VHS videos - 52542721

The Reason the Internet Was Made

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Let's All Remember Good Guy VHS Tape

VHS nostalgia funny - 7522357248
Created by Unknown

Classic: Good Guy VHS

dvds VHS sleep tape - 6972895232
Created by Unknown

What Do I Tell Blockbuster!?

blockbuster VHS car First World Problems 90s problems - 6599395328
Created by FreshAndFlyKye

Death to Videodrome

art gifs mindwarp symbolism tapes VHS - 6582909952
Created by Unknown

No One Was Kind, They Didn't Rewind

1990s problems First World Prob First World Problems tangled tape VHS - 6403245568
See all captions Created by Cameron Sharpe
Sad sappy the future the past time VHS Video - 39511809

Talking Through Time, Twenty Years Apart

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Backwards Technology

adventure time animation gifs VHS wtf - 6257300480
Created by frank44mag

Good Guy VHS Isn't Even Scratched

Good Guy Greg play scratch VHS - 6231376640
Created by Unknown
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