super heroes

An Identity Crisis

captain america Movie super heroes - 6681169152
By Unknown

The Saddest

batman dad parents super heroes - 6602397952
By Unknown

The Illustrious Omnibus of Superpowers

super heroes super powers - 6613380352
By Unknown

When You See It...

glasses super heroes superman TV - 6411036160
By braistorms

The Fatal Flaw of the Iron Man Suit

itch super heroes - 6303364608
By maxystone (Via The Doghouse Diaries)

Don't You Think "League" Has Some Negative Connotations?

batman best of week super heroes superman the internets - 6253132288
Via Sailorswayze (source may contain obscene material)

The Avengers: Then and Now

Black Widow captain america From the Movies hulk iron man loki Movie super heroes The Avengers Thor - 6177268480
By Unknown

Real World Super Villains

best of week IRL super heroes - 6183814656
Via Pleated Jeans

You Heartless Bastards!

best of week cereal instructions mask parents super heroes the internets - 6133422592
By Unknown

We Would Make Such Beautiful Wolverine Pups

Babies photogenic guy super heroes wolverine - 6104136960
By Unknown

How to Become Super

best of week comics super heroes super powers - 6030628096
Via Haragos

Hipster Green Lantern: Good Superhero Movies Are So Mainstream

Green lantern hipster hipster-disney-friends planet space super heroes - 4888446208
By Rissy beawr

Cannot Unsee

comics Memes super heroes superheroes unsee wolverine - 4725277952
By Unknown
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