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'Can I Come Over and Stare at You Like This' Memes to Send to an Extraordinary Obsession

Don't mind me
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Intense Staring Guy Follows Up On Video Where He Makes Woman Scream

This doesn’t put anyone’s mind at ease.
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Have Some Manners, Jeez

Funny meme about old people staring at people with dyed hair and piercings above an image of Shrek staring at something | old people: Don't stare it's rude. Save Old people when they see someone with dyed hair and piercings:
Via youdontevenknowbroke

But They Aren't *Real* People

Funny Shrek meme about old people who stare at anyone who doesn't look "conventional"
Via tinytifa

Hey There Buddy...Whatcha Lookin' At?

Caption that reads, "I thought this man was staring at me like a psychopath until I realized he put his glasses behind his head lol" above a pic of the guy on an airplane
Via Privatechief117

Why Does This Always Happen

Pic of Bill Clinton, who represents 'microwaves,' looking bored while a singer, who represents 'my soup,' performs above a pic of Bill Clinton, who represents 'microwaves,' looking excitedly at Ariana Grande singing, who represents 'the bowl'
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"Do your eyes ever randomly go out of focus and then you are too lazy to focus them back in and just stare at nothing for a while"
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Staring creepy Memes video games - 8793633024
Created by carbonstorm

We've all had that one student in our class

class Staring facepalm talking poker face - 8572588288
Created by clockwise12

What Are We Looking At?

wtf Staring gifs reaction - 8487356416
Created by tamaleknight

It Signifies Nothing!

red circle Staring funny - 8120417536
Via Unknown

That's Why They Are So Great

Staring awesome twilight funny - 8067581440

Lemur Staring Contest

Staring gifs lemurs critters - 7995735808

Awkward Staring

Awkward me gusta oh stop it you Staring - 6533959168
Staring videos trolltube pranks - 53559553

Staring at People is the Best Prank

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The Vet's on The Right, Why Would We Go There?

Staring lol - 7341928960
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