A compilation of Star Trek memes for Star Trek day

Star Trek Memes For Star Trek Day & Nothing Else

Happy Star Trek Day everyone! You know how today is Star Trek day? Good thing nothing in the world has happened to take away from the glorious holiday celebrating everybody's favorite space franchise. There's no current event so major that it could completely alter the trajectory of September 8th 2022, rendering Star Trek day completely useless. Okay, I'll budge. the death of Queen Elizabeth II may or may not have thrown a wrench into the whole Star Trek Day thing. At least Star Trek isn't in i…
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Spicy Star Trek Memes For Fans of the Federation

It's been a good few years for fans of Star Trek who have been craving more content. While we didn't love Picard, and we do have some complaints about the plot and writing of Star Trek: Discovery , we are looking forward to seeing Anson Mount reprise his role as Christopher Pike in Strange New Worlds, and for Vampire Diaries ' Paul Wesley to join the show as Captain James Kirk in its second season. While we'll have to wait until the second season for our reintroduction to Captain Kirk, the firs…
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21 Star Trek Memes For Fanatical Trekkies

Live long and prosper
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funny and dumb star trek memes | deciding on whim get Botox and bangs with Groupon found online @macaroniandmomjeans Spock | Look at this picture libertarian, completely self reliant, and Chief Operations Officer Data who has feed and care him. STARFLEE COMM T?nchi 020 DERATION O UNTEN PLAN

Dumb Star Trek Memes For Simple Trekkies

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One For The Trekkies

Funny star trek meme.
Via Stra-tek

You should have seen what happened on the Tribbles episode.


Spock, Do You Even Internet

scifi Spock kitten Star Trek - 8590925568
Created by tamaleknight ( Via scottscartoons )


Captain Kirk Spock Star Trek - 7001107200
Created by SixStringNinja

Which One Is Spock?

Captain Kirk funny lions Star Trek Music Spock tigers - 7902304256
Created by Unknown

Mutual Attraction

gifs Spock Star Trek Cats - 8561608960
Created by Philippa2


hilarious kirk Spock Star Trek - 5874895104
Created by y2knowledge


Captain Kirk dinner hilarious Spock tribbles - 4923416064
Created by geeeknik


face hugger hilarious Spock Star Trek - 5081119744
Created by Unknown


demotivational gifs hilarious Spock Star Trek Vulcans - 4896152320
Created by hophin

Ironically, Spock Would Never LMFAO

lmfao lyrics Party Rock Anthem song Spock Star Trek - 6077997056
Via Rats Off!

Heaven Must Sound Awesome, Mr. Spock

Via Hobo Lunchbox
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