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'I'm smiling at grandmas, waving at kids, I'm like... a person': American ex-pat sparks debate about quality of life in Europe

Siesta-ing my life away
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Europeans Share Things Americans Aren't Ready To Hear

To tip, or not to tip?
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A compilation of memes about Shakira's tax evasion scandal

Funniest Memes About Shakira's Tax Fraud Scandal

Many Millennials and Gen Zers get most of their news from social media. The convenient and accessible service of Twitter News provides young people with brief recaps of the current events of the day, all catered to their specific interests. No category of news thrives more on social media than celebrity news. In essence, all of the gross tabloids of the 2000s and their trashy headlines have been replaced by cruel memes and jokes at different famous people's expense. All of this considered, it's…
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Article about how KFC Spain @kfc_es is using Twitter to share cursed images and shitposts instead of just pandering to their audience on social media, funny tweets | single fried chicken drum | Cornn Flaek cryptid eating from a bucket of KFC fried chicken

KFC Spain Is Taking Over Twitter With Cursed Shitposts

Move over, Denny's. There's a new sheriff in town.
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funny tweets about botched art restoration in spain, virgin mary | Nhu-Y Ngo @nhuyngo Replying davidmackau looks like something Redd would try sell on Animal Crossing 3:08 PM 6/22/20 Twitter Web App | angry anime face Ghost Tsuchimi RootLoops Replying royalacademy Done!

Twitter Users Mock & Remix Another Hilariously Botched Painting Restoration

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Hola, Me Llamo Loro

Telegraph headline that reads, "British parrot missing for four years returns speaking Spanish"
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The More You Know!

Text conversation that reads, "[Person 1] How much would a trip to Spain cost? [Person 2] It depends where you live. For example, if you live in Spain, it's free"
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So Helpful

Funny texts about traveling to spain.
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Come Here, Bro...

brazil world cup Spain i know that feel bro - 8249805568

An Accurate Summary of Spain's 2014 World Cup Experience

gifs Spain world cup - 8228312576

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

portugal Netherlands world cup Spain Germany soccer the simpsons - 8225777664

Spain and Portugal Totally Looks Like Sigma

Spain totally looks like funny - 7599988480
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Scopophilic Society Freaking Out Spanish Cops

gifs Spain cops riot mindwarp - 6656758272

Actual Civil War Photograph

bulls political pictures Spain - 6412465920
See all captions Created by TuckerBentley

Stranger and Stranger

kids political pictures Spain - 6417749248
See all captions Created by cheeseburger2468


political pictures Spain - 6411659776
See all captions Created by adsbatey
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