Oh Yeah, I Love That Guy!

Caption that reads, "Isn't that the name of the guy that played Sherlock Holmes?" above a sign that says "Butternut crinkle fries"
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benedict cumberbatch honest trailers Video Sherlock - 83379969

Honest Trailers Deduces the Facts About BBC's Sherlock

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No Sh*t Sherlock

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Good Thing You're So Good at Sniffing Out Clues

dogs sherlock web comics Good Thing You're So Good at Sniffing Out Clues
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Better Study Now Before All Your Opportunities Argon

periodic table puns web comic Better Study Now Before All Your Opportunities Argon
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That Is a Good Question

Harry Potter funny question Sherlock - 8158294784
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Sherlock for Preschoolers

Sherlock blues clues - 8105855232
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Quite Possibly the Most British Picture Ever

benedict cumberbatch Gary Oldman england Sherlock - 8029965824
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benedict cumberbatch photoshop Sherlock Reddit - 157957

Reddit Knows What Sherlock Would Rather Be Doing

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Scumbag Tumblr

computer guy tumblr what have you done table flipping Sherlock - 7981710336
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Located on 221B Baker Street

shear pun Sherlock - 7732697856
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It Looks Rather Fetching

moustache Sherlock funny Watson - 7713252608
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Reframed: Punning About Puns

benedict cumberbatch puns Sherlock funny - 7558412288
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Still Waiting

TV Sherlock Avatar funny - 7533985792

Jawn Pls Halp

benedict cumberbatch sherlock holmes Sherlock funny - 7477172992
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Thank You, Sherlock, You Gorgeous Time Waster!

shakespeare Sherlock funny - 7486999552
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