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Memes That Prove Samsung Girl Is The Internet's New Favorite Waifu

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Family Guy meme where Meg represents "iPhones - You guys always act like you're better than me" above another still of three characters wearing top hats representing, "Samsung, two cans and a string, and literally just screaming at people from a distance"
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Samsung, Take Note

Regina George meme with the caption, "Stop trying to make Bixby happen, it's not going to happen"
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I Think The Choice Is Clear

Checklist of a rock versus a smartphone, indicating that a rock has more benefits than the smartphone
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Ohhh Damn

Funny meme about samsung galaxy puns.
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Why Am I Like This

Meme about SAmsung product that realizes you have not been exercising and suggests suicide.
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Funny collection of images being used by an Amazon bot to create WTF phone cases.

Amazon Bots Are Making Some Seriously WTF Phone Cases

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Samsung Video iphone - 78551041

We, as a Society, Need to Stop Caring so Damn Much About New Phone Models

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When Companies Stop Giving a Damn

advertising ads Samsung - 8047062784

Be More Flexible

apple Samsung iphone 6 - 8329035776

Bigger is Always Better

phones Samsung - 8174636544

Bigger IS Better After All...

phones Samsung - 8075995136

Everything's Bigger in Nexus

iPhones smartphones Samsung apple - 8046879744

Samsung Paid Me to Be Here

android iPhones Samsung apple - 7870114560

New iPhone Released? Better Buy All of the Site's Ad Space!

Samsung ios 7 iphone - 7829934848

Well Played Samsung...

trolling Samsung apple - 7610646528
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