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Grown Man Calls Police on Six-Year-Old Child After Sister-in-Law Steals Nintendo Switch

There are some situations where nobody is in the right. Everybody just sucks, and the entire event context is just kind of miserable. It appears we have the perfect example of that scenario right here on Reddit. The story goes, a father ( /u/Flimsy_Wish_7885 ) throws a Fourth of July cookout for his entire family. Everything seems to go swimmingly, except for the fact that the man's 13-year-old daughter can't seem to find her Nintendo Switch after everyone departs. Doing what we all would when…
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Cheaters Share The Reasons They Cheated On Their Partners

Cheater, cheater, pumpkin eater
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'I am not even bald, I have head stubble': Local Kids Mock a Boomer's Baldness, Man Gets Roasted After Complaining About 'Vandalism' on NextDoor

The comments are pure gold
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'He doesn't want to start a life with someone who's broken': Redditor's Slam Woman's 'Dream Partner' When He Tries to Pressure Her Into Putting Her Daughter Up for Adoption

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Parents Share Amusing and Adorable Things Their Kids Have Said

They're kooky
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Cringey Wedding Moments That Deserve to Be Shamed

What is it with mother-in-laws who insist on wearing white to their kid's wedding? Is it rooted in some twisted Oedipal sense of rivalry with the bride, or is it just that some people need to be the center of attention at all times? On the flip side, there seems to be an epidemic of dudes who show up to their own wedding looking like they're about to do a kickflip at the local skate park. But the occasional outfit faux pas is a minor infraction compared to some of the heinous choices people mak…
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Cringeworthy Content for Curious Cringe Fans (July 8, 2023)

What's the most cringe-worthy thing you've ever seen out in the wild? Like as an immediate witness. Surely, you have at least one experience that was so cringe that it's seared into your memory, right? Maybe you saw someone's prom-posal go terribly wrong? Maybe someone trying way too hard to be cool? Maybe just a really bad presentation by one of your peers? For me, it was the weird kid in middle school who performed his original rap at the talent show. It was a diss track of sorts, but you cou…
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Redditors Share 'Normal Things' That Are Actually Illegal Where They're From

A life of crime
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Girlfriend Forces Her Boyfriend to Walk the Dog at 3 AM, Can't Understand Why That's an Unreasonable Request

It's important to split chores evenly with your partner. That's simple when it comes to stationary things, like washing dishes, cleaning the toilet, or sweeping the floor, but when you have to take care of a living being , things get more complicated. Animals require around-the-clock care. You have to feed them twice a day and take them out to go to the bathroom several times a day. My parent's dogs get up super early because my dad is an early riser who is willing to feed them at 5 or 6 AM. Th…
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'I AM THE GREAT CORNHOLIO!': Stepdad steps up at the parent teacher conference and wears the same shirt his kid got in trouble for at school, putting the overly strict teacher in his place

"I'd have given just about anything to see the look on his face"
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Epic Tweets and Posts That Deserve a Home in the Internet Hall of Fame

Listen. We spend a lot of time on the Internet, and especially on Twitter. Every day at least a few hours are spent scrolling through the godforsaken “Bird App,” often wishing for the sweet release of death or a winning lottery ticket. Even though we do see some gems on a daily basis - and share them with you at least once a week - most of the posts we encounter are decidedly mediocre, offensive, or straight-up bad. That said, there are certain tweets, memes, and posts, that have stuck with us…
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Boss Gets Roasted for Attempting to Forbid Workers From Requesting Days Off

Boss doesn't like the consequences of his own actions, takes it out on employees
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Ranch Dressing-Obsessed Woman Leaves Restaurant To Buy Ranch For Her Meal Mid-Date, Gets Dumped

Who needs a boyfriend when you've got Ranch?
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People Ponder What Rich People Fantasize About

What would you do with limitless money? Imagine, one day you decide to buy a Powerball ticket on a whim, don't think much of it, and then wake up to find out you've won the jackpot. You now have more money than you could possibly comprehend. What's the first thing you'd do? What's your greatest fantasy? Now think about people who actually have that sort of money. What would you fantasize about when everything you ever want is already at your fingertips? People gave their two cents on this idea…
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Linkedin Loser Gets Rejected in Public After Corporate-Stalking a Woman, Hilarity Ensues in the Comments

What ever happened to just asking for a girl's number?
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Living Legend Gets Paid $40K Annually To Attend University, Earns Five Degrees After Being a Student For 20 Years

The luckiest man in the world
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