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Comforting & Reassuring Random Facts for People Who Want to Feel Better

Alarming facts about the dark side of humanity seem to overwhelmingly make up most of the content that bombards us on a daily basis. But what about the good stuff? Is the world really as awful as it's made out to be, or does the media like to tell a different story because the bad stuff attracts more clicks? In any case, there are plenty of comforting facts that could reassure even the most jaded doomer, and one redditor seeking a bit of optimism asked Reddit to share some of their favorites. W…
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rare insults, insults, roasts, youtube, youtube comments, reddit, witty comebacks, burn, facebook, facebook comments | His beard looks like he fell asleep at party | Elon Musk's mom on raising successful kids didn't treat them like babies or scold them' 11K 191 Comments 878 Shares Like? Comment Share They all look like they are about unhinge their jaws and swallow marsupial.

Brutal Insults From The Internet's Poets of Cruelty

Delightfully brutal burns
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Boss Mistakenly Admits to Grand Theft Paycheck In Email to Former Employee Requesting Owed Wages

It's insulting enough to get paid the bare minimum for a job that demands most of your time. But a company that literally steals wages from their employees ? That's just vile. When redditor u/overworked-american asked for owed wages from their former employer , they were shocked when the head of the company not only rejected their request, but justified the denial by essentially explaining that it wouldn't be fair to all the other employees the company had ripped off in the past.
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Creep Gets Fired For Harassing Female Co-workers, Still Asks For Reference

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A compilation of images featuring innuendo that may or may not be intentional.

Did They Know: Hidden Innuendos That Are Questionably Intentional

Did they know?
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Dude Whines About His Wife's Cooking So Brother-In-Law Serves Dinner With Toy Kitchen Set for Toddlers

What do you do when you witness your a-hole in-law treating your sibling like crap? Do you keep your head down and stay out of their business, or do you intervene? One redditor decided on the latter after witnessing his exhausted sister get crap from her husband for not serving him dinner even though she'd cooked everything. Angry on his sister's behalf, OP taught his brother-in-law a lesson—a petty move that might have done more harm than good, but satisfying nonetheless.
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Fed-Up Wife Crashes Husband's Family Dinner As Revenge For Constant Exclusion

How do you define family? Our go-to definition would be Dominic Toretto's favorite word. But obviously, it's actually a bit deeper than that. While some people (especially my boomer parents) think family is your blood - the group you're born into and descend from. But the reality is a bit different. I consider my neighbors to be family. We spend quality time together at least one night a week, play games and share meals. While family can be people you choose, that's often just a bonus in additi…
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Abusive Boss Gets Taste of Her Own Medicine When Worker Quits Without Notice

Horrible bosses are the absolute worst, but many disgruntled employees aren't necessarily in a position to quit their jobs , leaving them stuck in an indefinite 9-5 nightmare. However, when the opportunity to quit does arise, it can feel like the best day of one's life. In a r/MaliciousCompliance post, redditor u/Public_Pressure_4516 explains how their cruel boss seemed to get off on constantly reminding employees that they could get fired at any moment, without notice. When OP finally got the…
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Servers Earn More Than Managers Thanks to Big Tips, Boss Responds by Cutting Wages

Tipping is a strange, yet highly normalized custom in American culture. Do you ever stop and wonder about the origins of gratuity in America? The history is pretty damn dark . Nevertheless, tipping workers for their service is deeply embedded into our society and it isn't going away, unless of course, employers start to pay service workers adequately. This r/antiwork post about how a restaurant decided to cut wages because workers were making too much in tips makes us think that's not going to…
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An article about a wholesome teacher who wanted to know why her 8th grade math students called he the GOAT.

Teacher Thrilled To Discover Why Her Students Call Her The GOAT

Modern slang can be a bit elusive for people of older generations. Words that might have been explicit digs 30 years ago are now the highest compliments. While sometimes this generational divide can be used to lodge veiled insults at others, it can also give way to unexpected praise.
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An article about a coworker who demands his coworker not say "hey" to him in a Whatsapp message.

Clueless Guy Demands Coworker Not Say "Hey" To Him In Text Message

Texting etiquette between coworkers is a weird science that nobody has truly mastered. Professionalism is an admirable goal, but act too professional, and you can come off as stiff and unlikeable to your colleagues. Generally, a good rule of thumb is to start as professional as possible and read the room, gauging the vibe of different coworkers. However, not everyone will be satisfied with your communication style, as some people are still firmly in the 1800s regarding workplace etiquette.
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Employee Gets Admonished For Extra Mileage Expenses, Decides To Take The Toll Route

Well, it is shorter.
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Cringey and Disgraceful Wedding Moments That Deserve to Be Shamed

What is it with mother-in-laws who insist on wearing white to their kid's wedding? Is it rooted in some twisted Oedipal sense of rivalry with the bride, or is it just that some people need to be the center of attention at all times? On the flip side, there seems to be an epidemic of dudes who show up to their own wedding looking like they're about to do a kickflip at the local skate park. But the occasional outfit faux pas is a minor infraction compared to some of the heinous choices people mak…
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Ridiculous Dad Jokes That Are Bound To Elicit A Groan

Truly awful
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French Farmer Laments TikTokers Who Ruined Rare Citrus Crop

All for the views
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An article about Daily Harvest's Lentil and Leak Crumble Liver Failure Scandal.

Meal Prep Company Daily Harvest Poisons Customers With Their Food, Leading To Liver Damage

Meal prep services have been around for years with little to no controversy. Sure, some people think they're emblematic of the laziness of their customers. Others have mocked their prolific runs on podcast ads. However, nothing has shaken the meal prep industry like a lentil that will give consumers serious damage to their internal organs.
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