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30+ Hilarious Sci-Fi Memes to Fill Your Nerdy Needs (August 21, 2023)

Happy Monday, deep space fiction devotees and interstellar-media-leaning individuals. It's the start of the work week and you know what that means! A significantly nerdy selection of science fiction memes . Let's talk sci-fi. A friend of mine recently purchased a collection of the “Dune” books as a gift for me. The thing is, the only exposure I've had to the franchise is through the 1980s iteration directed by David Lynch. The only reason I watched that was because I'm a fan of his. That being…
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Cracked explores weird crossovers in film and television history, CAnonball

4 Bonkers Crossover Events That Put Avengers To Shame

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Pic of a fossil of a giant tooth sticking into a vertebrae with caption that reads, "A Megalodon tooth stuck in a whale vertebrae. This is the most badass fossil in existence"
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shark memes and pics

15 Killer Shark Memes That'll Give You Some-Fin To Chuckle At

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Feeling old yet?

arnold and predator getting old
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Kevin's Got This

Funny meme pitting Predator against Kevin from Home Alone.
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Predator Designer Creates Epic League of Legends 'The Purifier' Statue


Here's Hoping She's a Repeat Offender

cosplay puns Predator - 8761117184

I Guess Everyone's Happy?

web comics sandwich I Guess Everyone's Happy?
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Looking Stunning in Neutral Tones

Predator - 6717128960


Blood Predator scary Terrifying - 5307040256
Mortal Kombat fatality Predator Video mortal kombat x - 72540161

Predator Joined Mortal Kombat X This Week, So Let's Take a Look at All of His Disgusting, Glorious Fatalities, Brutalities, and X-Rays

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Nintendo's Gritty Super Mario Reboot


The New Predator Movie Looks Way Different

costume Aliens gifs Predator slides - 8440737024

How Cool Would This Be?

school Predator wish web comics - 8376298240
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There's 2 of Them?

gangsta funny Predator spy wtf - 8192307200
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