Completely False

Funny meme about how this hand (emo drawing) says you can't heal yourself by hurting others, But that's not true with Pokemon moves
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Funny memes detective pikachu.

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It's A Trap

Funny surprised pikachu memes about telling the truth to mother.
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Funny surprised pikachu memes

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I Gotta Know

Tumblr pic of an old game boy featuring a fat Pikachu figurine next to a Gameboy DS with a skinnier Pikachu figurine; Tumblr user comments, "Old school vs. new school - Pikachu, what's your secret?"
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I Have An Announcement

No patience while sharing good news, funny meme.
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That's Now How We Remember Smash Bros

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webcomic cartoon illustration art pokemon sorry kid i'm not lettin' ya in here tonight. you're underage! i know a fake id when i see one. bouncer at the club refusing fake charizard card from underaged charmander
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