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20 Sword Memes For Skilled Swordsmen & Knights in Shining Armor Who Live By The Sword

I was obsessed with those foam sword toys when I was a kid. Any sword toy was enough to get me excited. I don't think I owned a lightsaber or a medieval knight foam sword, but boy howdy, was I fixated on them at the toy store and my friend's houses. The best thing about sword toys was that they gave you a socially acceptable tool to fight your friends. It's generally frowned upon to get into a fistfight with your friends, even if it is just for play. Swords give you the opportunity to swing a g…
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Funny memes and tweets about all of the new streaming services, namely Disney Plus

Memes That Roast The Plethora Of Streaming Services

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Cute Lacquer!

shoes Pirate - 8761116416

They'll Never Catch Me

Music Pirate - 8748083200

Super Pirate World

art mario Pirate - 6596594944
Via djinnborn

Jack Sparrowbomb

awesome baseball fans jack sparrow Pirate - 6442820608
Created by AngryJon


sound effect Pirate literalism prefix juxtaposition - 6762904064
Via Hotchkiss Comics

Live By the Litter Box, Die By the Litter Box

cat puns Pirate funny - 7613834752

Behold the Power of Facebook

internet Pirate facebook funny - 7592566272

Yar, 'Tis a Proper Trove of Treasure!

me gusta Pirate Walmart - 7561940224
Created by CrazyCalvinWilliams

Call it a Mewtiny

cat out me similar sounding Pirate meow - 7078227712

Not What I Meant Not What I Meant NOT WHAT I MEANT

false expectations misinterpretation Pirate literalism booty double meaning - 7093626880
Created by Galpa ( Via Self-Employed Comics )


ninja princess bride Pirate - 3709957632
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photoshop Pirate money - 4376955392
See all captions Created by Ryzick

Pirate Brian

Pirate bad luck brian evil humanity cancer - 6212621056
Created by manny_dize

Dat Super Successful Photobomb

scary Party wtf Pirate - 6687214336
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