Desperate Netflix Scammer Begs Woman For New Password

Getting that "too many users" message on Netflix is always frustrating. It's even more frustrating when you have to track down all the people you've given that damn password to. Is it your ex streaming anime trash? Your cousin? Your mom's friend Stella who has a crush on Anthony Bourdain (RIP?). The list is daunting. When this woman started receiving emails that account was being accessed, she figured it had to be her ex. She was wrong. 

After close inspection, our hero discovered that the culprits were in Lahore, Pakistan. To add insult to injury, there were too many people using her account for her to stream her own media. So she changed her password. After making the liberating change, one of the Pakistani men who had been using her account actually reached out in the hopes of acquiring her new one. 

Fat. Chance.

Person hacking woman's netflix account begs her to give him the password so she can continue to watch his shows | point is am being honest and telling all this stuff if were kind enough give credentials am so sorry am really really sorry
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