Twitter Thread Reveals Bizarre Genius Of Painted African Movie Posters

We've seen some funky movie posters from the Soviet Union and Poland, but Twitter user @Retr0Joe managed to completely overshadow both with his thread of hand painted African movie posters. Apparently, due to licensing issues, some African movie theaters would hire artists to paint the promotional posters for their theaters. Most of these artists were completely ignorant of the film plots, so they'd have to fake it. And apparently that means a lot more guns, a lot more violence, and unexpected cameos from Michael Jackson. And if these aren't enough for you, there are tons more to be found in the thread.

African movie posters that are hand painted due to licensing issues, space jam, mrs doubtfire, jurassic park, michael jackson | tweet by Retr0Joe thread African Movie Posters Due licensing and printing costs, some African theaters gave task artists paint posters movies being shown Some artists had no reference movie they drawing so some just guessed Here are my favourites.. SPACE JAM MICHAEL JORDAN BUGS BUNNY badly drawn characters movie poster
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