Funny memes in honor of Arthur's final episode, PBS childrens tv

Classic Arthur Memes in Honor of the Show's Final Episode

After 25 years of entertaining kids on PBS, the network is bidding adieu to Arthur, a beloved children's television series based on the books by Marc Brown. While many people are mourning the loss or celebrating the series' title as longest running children's program, the whole thing is mostly making me feel really, really old. As someone who was raised by a mother who restricted our television viewing to public channels, Arthur was a huge part of my childhood , starting from when the first epi…
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Funny meme with steve carrell / michael scott from the office about PBS thanking viewers like you, 4 year old me
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Informative video about how and why it costs more money to be in poverty

Video Explains Why Life Is More Expensive For Those In Poverty

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Funny tweets about Caillou being tall.

Caillou's Unexpectedly Intimidating Height Has Twitter Shook

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Funny tweets about gay rat wedding, mr ratburn, arthur, mr. ratburn's wedding, gay marriage.

Twitter Is Still Completely Obsessed With 'Gay Rat Wedding' Memes

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thomas the tank engine dank memes

Thomas The Tank Engine Is The Star Of This Comical Trending Dank Meme

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arthur kids nostalgia 90s kids tv PBS childhood funny memes TV instagram - 7557637

15 'Arthur' Memes That'll Give You A Wave Of Childhood Nostalgia

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Damn Straight

Caption that reads, "If I wake up at 8:27 and my alarm was set for 8:30 you can bet 100% imma close my eyes and go back to sleep for those three minutes"
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Wholesome and funny bob ross memes and pics.

19 Mega-Sweet Bob Ross Memes That'll Warm Your Heart

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fake antiques

40 Hilarious Fake 'Antiques Roadshow' Appraisals

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Funny slaps roof of car memes

Slaps Roof Of Car: A Meme That Refuses To Die

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This PBS Ad is Brilliant


Part of the PBS Witchcraft Hour

Games - Sesame Street Black magic enables puppets to co-exist with humans in an unnatural urban dystopia. CC 2 hrs PBS

Where in the World is Mystery, USA?

PBS carmen sandiego mail - 7921691136
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He Made All Our Childhoods Better

Mister Rogers PBS netflix - 7793534976
Mister Rogers PBS videos - 51050753

Mister Rogers Remixed: Sing Together

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