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20+ Cringey Times People Overshared When No One Asked

We get it, you have sex.
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Funny meme about Patrick Star, me after seeing my conversations where i expressed too much
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I Need To Stop Doing That

Caption that reads, "When you finish a conversation and realize it was 78% you just oversharing"
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TMI Oversharing facebook - 8202362368

How About You Love Her Somewhere Other Than Facebook?

dating facebook Oversharing relationships TMI - 8203487744

Sorry Bro. That... Uhh... That Must Really Suck?

forever alone TMI Oversharing facebook - 8397670912

Uhh... Cool?

twitter TMI Oversharing - 8207357440

We Call This Post "Exhibit A"

bad idea revenge Oversharing failbook - 8168335360
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