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Cookie fanatic attempts to steal Oreos from stranger's shopping cart, claims they're hers: 'What is wrong with people?'

Leggo my Oreo
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30+ Double Stuffed Memes to Satisfy Your Oreo Fix

Hot take: The Oreo's factory is more like the Willy Wonka factory than Hershey's.
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A compilation of funny and weird food memes

Weird Food Memes Straight Out of a Fever Dream

It's Thanksgiving, and you know what that means? It's time to eat some seasonally appropriate food like turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, and cranberry sauce! It's so interesting that most of us eat the same thing for Thanksgiving every year. Imagine what Thanksgiving would be like if we drank mashed potato-flavored wine instead of red wine. What if we stuffed the bird with baked beans? What if, instead of slicing congealed cranberry sauce from a can, we sliced congealed gravy? Unfortunately,…
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Bruh Do You Even Lift

Funny meme about eating half a pack of Oreos, putting the other half back, and then eating it later | When you eat half a pack of Oreos, put them back, then come back in 5 minutes to eat the other half instead of just eating the whole package all at once fitness isn't just a hobby, it's a lifestyle
Via TheBloodyLady
Funny dank memes entitled, "Oreo Grammar" | headless horseman horseless man head horseman manhorse manless horse horseless man horseless headman manless horsehead headless horse lesshorse headman horsehorsehorse man man man man man

These Botched Grammar Memes Are Both Strange And Clever

There are some memes that just make you scratch your head.
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32 Random Memes & Tweets Designed To Help You Avoid Your Responsibilities

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guys reacts to oreos you fill yourself

Tumblr Guy Totally Loses It When He Finds Out That 'Moreos' Are A Thing

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Why Am I Like This??

Funny me/also me meme about making healthy choices but also eating crap like All Stuf oreos.
twitter Oreos - 1326085

Twitter Presents: The Mystery of the Restricted Oreos

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I Sure Do!

Oreos lift - 8747756544

If That Soup is a Glass of Milk

funny memes oreos great with soup

I Think I Know Where This is Going

mindwarp gifs milk Oreos cookies - 8490700544
Created by anselmbe

Throw Me a Bone, Nabisco

dogs food Oreos Pie Chart - 4551072000

It's the Perfect Excuse

me gusta Oreos eating cookies - 8444130560

Can't Resist!

Challenge Accepted expectations vs reality Oreos mom - 8357566208


gifs Oreos toothpaste - 8299864064
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