Omegle is an open chat website which is a recipe for hilariousness when combined with the ability to screenshot. You really never know what you'll find, or see, or who. It's truly the modern day chat roulette of yore. So check out some of the best Omegle moments you'll ever see and remember these people the next time you log on.

You Just Lost Too

Omegle the game - 7207846400
Created by oOkestrelOo

So That's a "No" Then?

Omegle - 7107249920

Mr. Herbert Trolls Omegle?

Omegle family guy - 7130307328
Created by Clavius

The Best Scene

Omegle Pokémon roleplaying - 4257492224
Created by msmith021

It's Really You!

Omegle justin bieber - 4260740864
Created by BIGxBIGx

I Can't Believe That This Somewhat Worked

bieber fever Omegle justin bieber - 7176555776
Created by CrAzYdIzZlE12345

Just the Worst

Omegle - 7149722624

Foreman. George Foreman.

Omegle grill - 4258197504
Created by keeayy

20 Moosen?

Omegle chatting asl - 4258155264

Must Be on Another Site...

Omegle lost - 4257971968
Created by Random

I Don't Know, You Tell Me

Omegle chat - 4260824832
Created by yajirobi


Omegle first - 6972525568
Created by Unknown

I Know My Alphabet!

Omegle alphabet - 7102127360
Created by Nofacerequired

What'd You Think I've Been Doing All Day?

Omegle Cats - 7108122624
Created by Dagonmaster

I Have a Stalker

Omegle stalker - 7076554752
Created by allenrw3

RuFF! RuFF! grrrrrrrruuf!

Omegle dogs chat - 7035211520
Created by evaporatanater