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'You could fit 45 Netherlands inside Indonesia': Wannabe cartographer 'tak[es] Indonesia outdonesia' to reveal wild size comparison

Most maps don't want you to know this
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Get It Together, Royal Dutch Airlines

Royal Dutch Airlines ad for Gay Pride that features different buckles that don't go together. Someone comments below pointing out that they don't go together
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gifs Netherlands dutch handshakes soccer - 51462

Dutch Handshakes Are Legendary

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Dutch Windmill in February

cool gifs Netherlands power - 8444412416
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The Dutch Are Scarier Than You Think

Netherlands - 8426671104
food Netherlands McDonald's Video - 65458433

Two Dutch Guys Go to a Food Connoisseur's Convention and Serve Their "New, Organic, Alternative Cuisine" to a Bunch of Experts. The Catch? It's Actually McDonalds Food.

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( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

portugal Netherlands world cup Spain Germany soccer the simpsons - 8225777664

Dutch Fans Are Watching a Game Versus Germany on a Big Screen Over the River. Then, All of a Sudden, This Guy...

Germany Netherlands soccer world cup - 8220309248

What a Time We Live In

Netherlands fire social media - 8186327040
Amsterdam alcohol drunk Netherlands trolltube - 60170241

Drunkenly Pissing on Public Property? Then Prepare to Face the Wrath of the Firehose Man...

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Wurt Wurt...

Netherlands dutch - 8138638848

The Dutch Love Horses

Netherlands burgers - 6976571904
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Real Life Me Gusta!

me gusta Netherlands real life - 5554288128
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futbol Netherlands soccer Spain sports vuvuzela world cup - 3702624512
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futbol Netherlands problem soccer Spain sports troll vuvuzela world cup - 3635864832
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futbol Lord of the Rings Netherlands soccer Spain sports vuvuzela world cup - 3642594560
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