Get Outta Here Amazon!!

"When you look something up on Amazon and suddenly it shows up as an ad on every app"
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I Wonder

Funny meme about the NSA.
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Collection of funny memes about Apple X's facial recognition software, game of thrones, faceless men, arya stark.

Apple Face ID Announcement Inspires Anxiety, Hilarious Memes

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Meanwhile, at the NSA

NSA government obama - 8009532160
By Unknown

Whatever You Say...

NSA government Memes - 7881226752
By Unknown

What's Going on at The NSA Right Now

NSA sad but true data web comics - 8502426880
By Derp-a-derp

Demon Be Gone!

NSA gifs - 8495153920
By Unknown

We Aren't the Only Ones

NSA Memes sudden clarity clarence - 7876318464
By Unknown

Maybe They Missed Something?

NSA - 7895115008
By Nintendood

The Ugly Truth

NSA urinal poker face prism sweet jesus - 7563329280
By Unknown

Do They Also Know I'm a Ravenclaw?

NSA FBI conspiracy failbook g rated - 8382738432

The Old Bait and Switch

NSA life hacks win web comics - 8327212032
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It's Nick Cage You Want!

NSA movies nicolas cage - 8322227200
By gravedigga63

This is What the NSA Spends Most of Their Time Doing

NSA sad but true web comics - 8267450368
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Almost a Victory for Privacy in the USA

cell phone privacy usa NSA web comics - 8236852992
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I'll Be Watching You...

Music NSA trolldad - 8213944576
By omgoshacreeper
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