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20+ Freshly Sprouted Nature Memes for Hikers and Nature Lovers Alike

All thigns green
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A Magical Mush of Mushroom Memes for Trippy Fun Guys

A Magical Mush of Mushroom Memes for Trippy Fun Guys

Why do expensive traveling when you can trip right at home?
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The Best Outdoorsy Nature Memes of the Week (May 2, 2024)

Go, trees, go!
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20+ Foraged Funny Memes for Funny Food Foragers

20+ Funny Nature Memes for Food Foraging Dreams

Why spend $10 on a tiny handful of fancy mushrooms you know nothing about at the grocery store, when you could spend hours of research on a specific type of mushroom, find where it grows, and then spend several days trying to find it to forage it and bring home to cook??
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Plant Memes for Nature-Loving Gardeners and Outdoorsy Types

Photosynthesize these memes!
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30 Nature Memes For Nature Lovers Soaking in the Last Moments of Summer

Bring on autumn!
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This Thread of Pedro Pascal as Mushrooms is the Wholesome Content We Deserve

There is no denying it: Pedro Pascal is having a bit of a moment. Between his gruff, fatherly role as Joel in The Last of Us, those unnerving Merge Mansion advertisements, and that 'Nicolas Cage Looking At Pedro Pascal' meme, he's been all over ALL of our screens. Not that we're complaining. The actor is the man of the moment. People are proclaiming him both “Daddy” and “Zaddy,” and it's not hard to see why. Between his acting ability and kind, funny, and thoughtful interviews and off-screen mo…
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santa clause was made up by a shaman tripping on mushrooms

Christmas Theory: TikToker Gives Factual Evidence That Explains How the Entire Concept of Santa Clause was Possibly Just a Shroom Trip

“This mushroom, again considered a gift by the Koryak people, grows at the base of pine trees. What do you put under pine trees on Christmas? Gifts!”
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Funny stories about parents eating edibles

Trippy Twitter Tale Inspires Thread of Times Parents Ate Edibles

We've all seen those memes about the moment the edible hits and you're blasting off to outer space. But what if you took the edible without actually knowing it would have psychoactive, trip-inducing properties? As marijuana and even shrooms become legal in some places around the country, these substances are being packed into some tantalizing and sometimes confusing formats. Putting magic mushrooms into a chocolate bar may be a way to ingest them pleasantly, but as is the case with weed gummies…
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A compilation of nature memes for autumn

Nature Memes For Good Autumn Vibes

It's that time of the year when we're all thinking the same thing: what if I moved into a secluded rural cottage with the love of my life where we could bake bread and connect with nature ? Something about fall makes you want to be at one with the natural world, no matter how much of a city slicker you are. I want some leaves to crunch under my shoes outside of my rustic farmhouse, and I want it now! Nature allows your mind to relax and think about things in a whole new way. Nobody tries to sel…
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Wily British Man Steals Neighbor’s Mushrooms, Exposes The Absurdity Of Village Life

Looks like a fun guy
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Meet 'Shroomjak,' the Wholesome New Wojak Charming the Internet

There's a new wojak in town
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Funny tumblr posts, weird tumblr posts, furries.

20 Random Tumblr Posts That'll Give You A Dose Of Bizarro Humor

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Pun of the Day

Funny meme and pun about not having much room - move over, i don't have mushroom, photo of mushrooms spooning.
Via jokezar

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

puns Mushrooms - 9001926400
Via flybyday87

At What Mile Do I Get Fireballs?

running Super Mario bros Mushrooms - 8759630848
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