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29-Year-Old Man Brags About 'Training' His 19-Year-Old Girlfriend Into 'The Perfect Woman For Him'

He sounds like a real winner
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Podcast Bro Refuses to Marry Girlfriend Because She Wants a Double-Barreled Surname, Faces the Wrath of Twitter

A bad attitude
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Boy Calls Out Douchey Brother for Casual Prejudice, Parents Accuse Him of Bullying

Permissive parenting at its worst
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Man Claims Home Appliances Replace His Need for a Wife, Gets Mercilessly Mocked by Twitter

This type of humor expired in the 70s
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People Lament the Toxic Parenting of Self-Professed 'Boy Moms'

So weird
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'Her stance seems extreme to me': Domineering Dad Refuses to Pay for Daughter's Wedding Because She Won't Let Him Give Her Away

He has split opinion
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An Assortment of Not-So-Nice 'Nice Guys' and Nice Guy Memes

Are you or someone you know always getting rejected despite being “nice” to women? Do you think girls only want to date mean and bad boys? Does this perception fill you with rage? Hopefully, this doesn’t apply to you because the last thing you’d want to be is a Nice Guy . Let’s take a minute to discuss and observe these confusing sorts of creatures. So what exactly is a nice guy? I guess the most basic definition would be, guys who believe themselves to be polite and courteous towards women, bu…
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Scummy dude asks for sympathy on Reddit after making crass joke and abandoning his girlfriend after their restaurant date

Dude Abandons Girlfriend At Restaurant After Upsetting Her With Misogynistic Joke

We love the r/AmITheAsshole subreddit. It's a brilliant place where people can cast judgment on others based on their actions, and while we enjoy every possible outcome, there's something extra satisfying about seeing clueless, entitled jerks taken down a notch by the people of Reddit. You know the type. They share their story expecting to be cleared of any possible wrongdoing, only to find out their shitty behavior has made them a lot of new Internet enemies. We don't see these posts as much a…
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Reddit thread about a crazy toxic evil boss manager fires employee after going through her purse and finding a job application

Toxic Boss Looks Through Employees Purse, Fires Her After Finding Job Application

So many bosses want excessive access to their employees in manners that cross some boundaries. On the first day of my first restaurant job, I asked one of the assistant managers if I could leave at 9 PM since, on the schedule, my shift ended at 9 PM. He laughed at me, said, “it's good you didn't ask that when the manager was around,” and we continued working. At the time, I felt like such an idiot because I had never had a job before, so I assumed all jobs were like that. Now I just realize thi…
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'I tell him he is driving like a woman': Father Wants to Stop Teaching His Son to Drive After He Criticizes His Misogyny

Teaching your kids how to drive is no easy task. I gave my parents my fair share of scares when I was driving around with a learner's permit , or "temps," as some regions call it. My mom could drive with me in the high school football stadium parking lot, but that was about it. Beyond that, it was my dad's job to tell me when I was not in the lane, which was the problem 90% of the time when I was learning to drive. I was 15 years old and addicted to veering out of the lane. There are a lot of s…
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Female Student Faces Harassment for 'Pretty Privilege' After Acing Exams, Bullies Get Offended When She Reports Them

Peak insecurity
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Self-Described Feminist and Misogynist Get Married, Leave People Wondering Why

How will this work?
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Brainless Men Who Wrote Women in a Truly Terrible Way

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A compilation of posts from incels who don't understand women

Insane Posts From Dudes Who Clearly Don't Understand Women

There are so many underbellies of the internet that expose just how much some men truly hate women. They are obsessed with dehumanizing women and seeing them as none other than baby-making machines, put on this earth to be a submissive companion for a man. Even though seeing such blatant sexism can be kind of depressing, it can also be kind of amusing that people actually think like this. My favorite trad hot take is that women were “gatherers” of berries and nuts in ancient civilizations, and…
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Bad gamer takes, offensive gamer takes, lol

Awful Takes From People Who Should Play Less Video Games

Gamers aren't inherently bad. It's not a crime to want to spend hours on the internet, honing skills, streaming on Twitch, and/or indulging in fantasy. In fact, when playing with friends, video games can give you pretty much all the benefits (and maybe more) of a night out with the buds. But when some gamers, perhaps after being holed up for long nights of gaming with like-minded douchebags, are the epitome of misogynistic bros. Twitter account @GamerTakes , while largely inactive, is a goldmin…
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Customer Asks for 'One of the Boys' When Female Employee Offers Help, Malicious Compliance Ensues

Love to see workplace camaraderie.
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