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'You could fit 45 Netherlands inside Indonesia': Wannabe cartographer 'tak[es] Indonesia outdonesia' to reveal wild size comparison

Most maps don't want you to know this
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20+ Interesting & Silly Maps That Laugh in the Face of Cartography

Don't consult them for directions
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20 Google Maps Oddities and Glitches That Show the World is a Fascinating Place

Geographical humor
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'Do Not Gatekeep': Petty Man Tracks Down Tasty Sandwich That TikToker Refuses to Share Location of, Gets it Named After Him

Next level hating
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the south Maps - 19200773

Geographers of Twitter Debate Where 'The South' Really Is

As a Northerner, I've never really had a tight grasp on where the South really is. Perhaps that's because most of the East Coast exists south of New York City. That said, my image of the South, however hazy, consists of lots of “honeys” in lazy drawls, Spanish moss, moonshine, and fried food. When I think of the South, I think of crawdads, gators, muggy weather and guns. I think of honky tonks and ghost stories. I also think of its dark history. While my perception of the South is pretty amorph…
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People Roast Ridiculous Map of the Wizarding Schools in the Harry Potter Universe

To say that we are not fans of JK Rowling would be an understatement, but even if she stopped being a TERF, there's plenty to admonish her for. Today, we learned of another reason. While people have been discussing the subject of JK Rowling's sorta kinda racist map of the Wizarding schools for some time, the controversy (and later, hilarity) came to our attention via the @TerribleMaps Twitter account. The @TerribleMaps post features a fan's geographic depiction of Rowling's schools (the origina…
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Funniest Google Maps Memes to Get Lost in for People With Zero Sense of Direction

You may always get lost, but at least you have memes to laugh about while you're trying to figure out where you are.
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Geography Nerd Guesses Where He Is On Google Maps In Under A Second, Gets It Eerily Accurate

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Article About Dude Who Can Identify Exact Locations of Streets Just By Looking At Them

Creepy Dude Identifies Exact Location from Viral Video with Google Maps

Is it safe to post a picture of your house? An Instagram story of your street? Are stalkers snooping on your social media to find your exact location on a map? Well, yes and no.
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Obscure Facts & Snapshots From History

Did you know that Ernest Hemingway used to shoot sharks with a tommy gun while fishing for marlins? Neither did I until I found @weird_hist, a Twitter account that drops random little-known historical tidbits and fascinating images from the past. Each one of @weird_hist's tweets is a gateway to a historical k-hole. First, you'll naturally want to fact-check the information. Did the CIA really equip cats with radio transmitters to try and spy on the Soviets? From there you're just a few more clic
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People Argue Over The Longest Possible Route You Could Walk Across Earth

Google Maps time
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Incredible Thread of Website Suggestions Is a Reminder of How Great the Internet Can Be

Before the world became addicted to 'likes' and compulsively checking incessant notifications, the internet was a vast ocean of interesting websites, strange net art projects, and data experiments. It still is, in fact! Maybe we're just too glued to social media to notice. Thankfully, not everyone has forgotten what a special place the internet can be. @lucyhughes_PR recently created a Twitter thread of 'underrated' websites that deserve appreciation. Delighted by the recommendations, many other
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Funny twitter thread abut sharks amassing on the east coast.

Map Revealing Shark Army on the East Coast Inspires Overwhelmingly Pro-Shark Reactions

There many of them
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Strange And Useless Maps That Laugh In The Face Of Cartography

Who needs accuracy
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20+ Strange Places With Unbearably Sad Names

Never thought I’d feel sorry for a hill, but here we are.
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Funny pics from terrible maps.

38 Hilariously Unhelpful Gems From Terrible Maps

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