funniest memes we found this week for national trivia day that feature random facts, funny trivia jokes, and relatable humor

Funniest Memes for Trivia Nerds Who Toss Vital Information Away and Only Remember Random Facts

Why be a pro at flirting when you can name all 50 U.S. states' capital's official bird?
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Funny tweets making fun of Mike Richards for declaring himself host of Jeopardy

People Are Not Happy About the New Host Of Jeopardy

We miss you, Alex
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funny tweets about how youn alex trebek looks like a black man, aftrican american |  twitter can have this picture alex trebek, as treat GAME 1  ALEX TREBEK BLACK MAN! jeopardy black people twitter

Black Twitter Flips Over Vintage Photo Of Alex Trebek

Twitter's got questions, Trebek.
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alex trebek, jeopardy, funny memes, game show, twitter, youtube, funny videos, funny tweets, memes | funny pic of Alex Trebek in a blazer and shorts | THIS VIDEO GAME CHARACTER IS BLUE, COLLECTS RINGS, AND GOES FAST. Who is DANKEY KANG 11,600

In Loving Memory Of Alex Trebek: Memes & Memorable Moments From Jeopardy

He will be missed
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instances of people falling for satire

14 Hilarious Times Satirical Headlines Just Didn't Get Through To People's Brains

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Caption that reads, "When you're not very good at your job but you're still better than everybody else" above a pic of three people playing Jeopardy where the winner only has $1
Via NotDan1138
Funny video giving insight to Alex Trebek's personality, jeopardy, game show.

This Video Gives An Adorable Look At The Real Alex Trebek

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Funny and wholesome the girl who is reading this meme, jeopardy.
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Can't Touch This

Funny meme about winning jeopardy by one dollar.
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Funny meme: When someone asks me where their money went, jeopardy answer basically says what money? Clever meme.
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Let's Meet Today's Contestants

Couple is in marriage counseling/couples therapy and the wife says "he won't stop jeopardizing our relationship." Husband says he will take "Karen is a major bitch for $400" - joke is that he is treating their relationship like the game show Jeopardy.
Via Dank Memes Gang

Meme of the Day: Contestant Brings the Internet to Jeopardy!

meme of the day jeopardy contestant what are those answer
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Jeopardy Music rap Video - 83124993

Nerdcore Rappers Followed up Alex Trebek Calling Them "Losers" With a Dis Track, so Now YOU Can Be the Judge

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If You Can't Beat Em, Compliment Yourself

Via Play Jeopardy
Jeopardy sports TV Video - 78049793

Guess Who Destroyed a Sports Category in Jeopardy? This Guy

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Jeopardy twitter annoying - 76097025

Twitter Chatter of The Day: People Are Losing Their Minds Over This Jeopardy Champ's Annoying Voice

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