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Weekly Internet Roundup: Pints & Chit Chat, Store Bought Pesto Stories, and the First Doge Day

Plus, TikTok's premier food reviewer calls out preferential treatment.
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Japanese "Mundane Halloween" Contest Returns, Gifts More Delightfully Boring Costumes to the Internet

Last minute ideas
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4 Superhero Mangas Too Kinky For American Audiences

Superhero manga is too kinky, too crazy, too off-the-wall for anybody except Japan, and CanonBall.
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A compilation of memes about urbanists and urbanism

Urbanist Memes For Public Transit Enjoyers

Say no to cars
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A compilation of funny memes about anime

Anime Memes That Are Anime-zing

I know this might be a cold take colder than the arctic, but I love how food looks in anime. Something about the lighting, the preparation, and the overall food vibes in anime put me at ease. I'd say that the unique aesthetic of anime shows and movies are some of the driving forces that draw people, particularly Americans, to them. After all, adult animation made in the United States can be so ugly. I mean, have you seen Big Mouth? Oftentimes, American showrunners and animators care a lot less…
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Japanese "Mundane Halloween" Contest Returns With Delightfully Boring Costumes

Last minute costume ideas?
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Japanese Guy Baffles Twitter with Heartfelt Travel Blog About Wisconsin

Living like he means it
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TikToker Satirizes East Asian Aesthetic Vlogs with "Floridacore" Store Visit

Kawaii <3
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A look at three 3 manga from Japan that influenced Neflix's Squid Game, graphic novels

3 Death Game Manga That Inspired ‘Squid Game’

Squid Game requires little to no introduction for most internet users and television enjoyers. The Netflix original series has taken the world by storm, showing us, once again, how fond we are of watching characters we’ve grown attached to get massacred for the entertainment of spectators (both in-universe and outside it). Suzanne Collins’ Hunger Games series follows a very similar premise with its yearly ritual in which a group of teenagers, you guessed it, have to compete to the death for the…
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Weeb Memes for Shameless Anime Addicts

For nerds who have nothing left to watch
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30 'Evangelion' Memes Because The Nine Year Wait is Finally Over

After nine years of leaving anime nerds hanging, director Hideaki Anno is finally bringing Evangelion:3.0+1.01 Thrice Upon A Time to international audiences . Amazon Prime will release the final installment of the legendary Neon Genesis Evangelion series today and fans are absolutely losing it. 24 HOURS UNTIL EVERYTHING ENDS WE'VE WAITED 9 YEARS FOR THIS #Evangelion #shineva — phuc (@reisbandnudeln) August 12, 2021 On their website, Amazon's description for Thrice Upo…
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Masked Vigilante Attempts to Snuff Out Olympic Torch With Water Gun

'End to the olympics!'
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Madlad Demonstrating His 'iPhone Quick-Draw System' Is the Stuff YouTube Was Made for

A little slice of classic YouTube
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"Explo-meow" by Jun Akiyama

Jun Akiyama: wrestler, cat whisperer, icon.
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Funny memes about history | Meme of Shrek as Japan, saying GOOD Question when Hitler suggested to them to join the war | Meme about how Australia wants to go to war with ferral cats and eradicate them and a flashback trauma PTSD overlay of the Emu's from the Emu war, implying that Australia will not succeed in the cat war

History Memes For Big Brain Memers

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Humorously Fail-Filled 'You Had One Job' Moments

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