A compilation of strange British photos and memes

Bloody Brilliant British Images

British people get a lot of slack from Americans online. They get roasted for their teeth, food , and accents in ways that nearly always come off as hacky. Like we get it, Brits put peas and beans on foods that are largely incomprehensible to the Yankee mind and stomach, but can we let it rest? British culture through the American lens can lean somewhat limited. Personally, my primary outlets for learning about British culture have been heavily influenced by memes and internet pop culture: Harr…
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TikTokers are Losing It to this Girl's Irish Boyfriend Trying to Speak in an NYC Accent

TikTokers are Losing It to this Girl's Irish Boyfriend Trying to Speak in an NYC Accent

He just keeps trying and trying—he at least gets points for determination.
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Raucous St. Patrick’s Day Memes That Have The Luck Of The Irish

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U.S. Citizens Fascinated By American Section At Irish Grocery Store

America = processed sugar
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Funny tweets about fashion fails, fashion roasts, burns, savage, lol

Victims of the Fashion Police Share Tales of Being Roasted

Fashion is funny. The other night at karaoke I saw two women dressed like a post-9/11 nightmare. Those child-proof bandanas you can tie. Their G-string thongs peeking from their heinously low-rise jeans. Baby-sized baby pink tees with Abercrombie logos. As a millennial who was denied all of these things by a strict mother , it brought back some serious feelings. Fashion choices, such as these, can inspire a lot of emotions and reactions. Anger. Sadness. And most hilariously, disgust and mockery…
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36 Memes & Funny Irish Tidbids For Celtic Souls

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!
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Irish Gymnast Jumps On Olympic Bed To Disprove Anti-Sex Rumor

No need to get creative.
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Dublin Waitstaff Instigate Fight, Impress The Internet With Their Expert Moves

Not something you see in every restaurant.
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Matt LeBlanc Is An Irish Uncle Now Thanks To Twitter

How *you* gettin on?
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irish man leaves funny recording to play at his funeral

Irish Man Makes Recording For His Funeral, Leaves Mourners In Stitches

Hero shit.
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Heartwarming and inspiring Twitter thread about a stroke patient in Ireland who recovers fully | tweet by drliamhealy "Mammy's not well" 5 year old Priya has FaceTimed her Dad, Damian, using family iPad. Damian is on his way work s been busy few weeks family. His wife Mary, 35, is at home with their daughter and new 2 week old baby, Noah s two days before Christmas. Horrified, Damian sees iPad his daughter is holding his wife Mary has collapsed ground. She is not moving. She can't speak.

Miraculous Story About A Stroke Patient Restored Our Faith In Humanity

All we have to say is, wow.
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10 Times Irish President Michael D. Higgins Proved He's The Most Adorable Politician

10 Times Irish President Michael D. Higgins Proved He's An Adorable Human

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Twitter reactions to Saoirse Ronan's hosting of Saturday Night Live, Aer Lingus, Irish stereotypes, potatoes, dogs, sketch, comedy.

Twitter Reacts To SNL's Cringey Stereotype-Filled Aer Lingus Sketch

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Mind: Blown - Iceland Ireland Sea

An image showing a pun - map of the area between Iceland and Ireland claiming the difference is one sea - but it's really one C!
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That Lad Drinks Like a Fish

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Someone Changed the "Grand Canal Docks" Sign in Dublin to This

Via The Daily Edge
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