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Dude Posts Memes in the Real World, Produces Entertaining Results

They're clever
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20 Memes That Poke Fun At The Vanity Of Online Popularity

They don't know this is a trending meme format
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Me If I Get Married TBH

Tumblr post of a conversation where a woman asks her friend, "Can you ask him if he likes me?" Friend replies, "That's your husband"
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random silly memes

40+ Silly Memes To Improve Your God-Awful Day

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So Rude.

"How dare you drive the speed limit when I'm late to something due to my own poor time management skills"
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People Are Tweeting Their Hilarious IRL Horror-Movie Scenarios

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Meme making fun of the predictability of CSI
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IRL cute bear Memes funny fat animals - 9148979968
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so dank meme of how Smash Mouth is IRL to Shrek for ruining their whole image.
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twitter IRL superhero - 1351173

Twitter Presents: The Signs You're a Superhero

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Chestnuts Rotting in a Forgotten Bowl

trolling memes supermarket nut sign
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IRL parody video games mario - 84369665

Super Mario Run IRL Involved a Lot of Parkour

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IRL movies Video - 83234305

Movies Would Be Pretty Boring If They Were Realistic

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This Game Is Getting So Real

image IRL pokemon go - 8985218816
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family guy IRL parody Video - 82719489

Watch This Live Action Intro to Family Guy

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the internets IRL Video - 82525185

It's Never as Good as You Expect It to Be When the Internet Crosses Over Into Real Life

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