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Cringey Times Hypocritical People Revealed Their Double Standards

These people have no self-awareness
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Thanks Mom

Funny meme featuring the angry flower from Cuphead about moms not returning texts and calls | My Mom when I miss one of her calls My Mom when she misses three of my calls, ten text messages, and a pigeon I sent
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The Realest Thing I've Read All Day

Tweet that reads, "Family: Why would you get tattoos? They're expensive and painful to get and they are permanent; Also family: Have a baby"
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Your Singing Was Flat

image simon cowell hypocrisy Your Singing Was Flat
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It's Only Funny When Someone Else Does It

Hypocrisy friends - 8314267648
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I Hate Hypocrites

meta Hypocrisy - 8295411712

Smart Rage!

Hypocrisy motorcycle - 8143576832
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Try Not Saying Anything at All

facebook Hypocrisy table flipping - 6532314880


Hypocrisy Okay studying rage - 8030004736

Every Decade

nostalgia Hypocrisy cycles - 8023663872
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Hypocrisy Okay moms - 7954693888

Call the Kettle Black (If Your Vocal Muscles Are Strong Enough)

dating Hypocrisy poker face relationships - 7910307840

How About You Clean Up Your Attitude Instead, Mom?

moms parenting Hypocrisy - 7843080192


complaining Hypocrisy - 4872771072
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The Yeller

yelling parenting dad Hypocrisy - 7130025216
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