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The Funniest Disney Memes of the Week (August 20, 2023)

Disney Channel was 36, Nickelodeon was 45
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The Funniest Disney Memes of the Week (August 13, 2023)

Sharpay is forever
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The Funniest Disney Memes of the Week (July 23, 2023)

The Cheetah Girls were right
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Funny Mythology Memes That Expose the Gods' Questionable Behavior

The Disneyfication of Greek mythology in 1997 animation Hercules is pretty hilarious if you're familiar with the real (and very messed up) lore. In the movie, Zeus, Hera and Hercules are presented as one big wholesome family. The actual legend is full of adultery, violence, revenge, and terrible parenting. In the Disney movie, Hercules is the beloved child of Zeus and Hera. He is stripped of his immortality by Hades and forced to life as a mortal on earth. In the original myth, Hercules is not…
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Insanely Relatable Disney Memes For People Who Grew Up With VHS Tapes

Insanely Relatable Disney Memes For People Who Grew Up With VHS Tapes

OMW to Blockbuster
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That would be funny i think memes, bad jokes, bad puns, stupid memes, ironic memes | IF PENNIES SPELT LIKE PEENIES WOULD BE FUNNY THINK Disney's Hercules | GUYS IMAGINE IF ALGEBRA SPELT ALGEBRUH WOULD BE FUNNY THINK lion riding a bike

'That Would Be Funny' Memes Are Incredibly Dumb And Packed With Irony

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'Unhappily Ever After' Is A Dark Twist On Disney Classics

Not the Disney of your childhood.
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Why. Can't. You. Just. WORK

Via Aluxir
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22 Obscure Movie Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

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behind the scenes disney Hercules Video - 81008897

Disney Just Released a behind the Scenes Video of a Song From 'Hercules'

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OK, Herc, Now You Bend Over

dat ass disney Hercules Memes - 6117048064
Created by Lann

Girl, Don't Be Proud...

family guy Hercules love meg Memes proud - 5902085888
Created by linder111292

Cannot Unsee: It's Not Just a Myth!

cannot unsee disney Hercules lion lion king myth scar simba - 5680544000
Created by Unknown

Hades Gonna Hade

cartoons disney hades haters gonna hate Hercules - 5276696320
Created by Uzahnaym