guns n roses

They've Got Fun And Games

Caption that reads, "Guns n Roses have really toned it down" above a sign that reads, "Welcome to the garden - please respect the rules" above some made-up lyrics from 'Welcome to the Jungle'
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Sweet Polka of Mine

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Slashed Tires

action double meaning guns n roses Hall of Fame literalism slash symbol tires - 6164600576
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Slash Hates Slash Fiction Too

glee guns n roses some faith Text Stuffs - 5986636288
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It's Probably Because He Had to Be in the Same Band as Axl...

Horatio Cane - Cartoon - Hey, Buckethead's not looking so good he seemed I had noticed YEEAAAAH a little PAIL SO MUCH PUN.COM
Created by Ace Stapp

The Internet IRL: Musically Oblivious 8th Grader Strikes Again

facebook guns n roses internet Musically Oblivious 8th Grader stairway to heaven - 5090834944
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Puns N' Roses

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Sweet Mother o' Mercy

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Very Punny

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