Cause He Wants To Be The Very Best

Caption that reads, "Why does Offset look like a gym leader who just threw out his strongest Pokemon" above a pic of Offset wearing a normal black suit next to Cardi B wearing a very eccentric dress at the Grammys
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Funny memes about will smith aladdin genie, will smith genie, blue man group, arrested development, tobias funke.

All The Best Memes And Reactions To Will Smith's Terrifying Genie

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Music keeps getting better

and the grammy goes to
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cee-lo green Grammys - 1558021

Cee Lo Green Reveals the Reason for His Absurd Outfit and it's Pretty Much What We Expected

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Look-Alikes From the 2011 Grammy Awards

big bird Cabbage Patch Kids cee-lo green christina aguilera condom egg fashion Grammys justin bieber lady gaga miley cyrus nicki minaj patrick star rihanna snooki SpongeBob SquarePants the fifth element - 4462508800
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Pretty Much How Everyone Feels About the Grammys

Grammys the simpsons - 8024914176
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clowns Grammys - 116228

And Just Who Might You Be?

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Grammys hashtags Music twitter - 164869

The Grammys Rejected a Lot of Categories Before Settling on Their Current Lineup

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Florence Welch Totally Looks Like Bowser

Grammys totally looks like - 7053740032
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Grumpy Cat Is Not Amused By Your Antics, Alicia Keys

alicia keys Grammys Grumpy Cat - 7053948928
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Sorry, Not Sorry

Music Grammys some faith in humanity justin bieber f yeah freddie - 6850797056
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And She Won an Education Award....

grammar Grammys hoe Memes nicki minaj - 5899985152
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Katy Perry at the Grammys Totally Looks Like DJ Pon-3

celeb funny Grammys Hall of Fame katy perry Music TLL - 5830902272
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U A Stupid Hoe

artist faith Grammys humanity Rage Comics - 5830145536
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Katy Perry (Grammy's 2012) Totally Looks Like Fairy Godmother (Shrek 2 )

celeb funny Grammys Hall of Fame katy perry TLL - 5844687104
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Oh, Y'know, Only One of the Most Influential Musicians Ever

beatles Grammys i dont want to live on this planet anymore musicians paul mccartney twitter - 5833904384
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