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TikTok Users are Hilariously Dragging the Boomer-Infested U.S. Congress Through the Mud with Videos About the TikTok Ban, CEO Shou Chew Hearing

Honestly, at this point, it's surprising Congress didn't ask Chew how to open a PDF...
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10 Memes For Introverts Who Are About To Cancel Plans Again To Stay Home And Look At Videos Instead

10 Memes For Introverts Who Are About To Cancel Plans For The Tenth Time This Month

What I mean by "OMW" is actually that I'm still cozy on my couch and likely to stay here.
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Funny trending sound on TikTok, makes people accidentally be irresponsible

This Week's Newest Trending Sound on TikTok Has People Hilariously Tripping Into Avoiding Their Responsibilities

People are trying to get work done, follow diets, be responsible, but Bruno Mars' “Talking to the Moon” is ruining that for TikTokers—the song has people tripping right back into old habits.
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Hilarious sketch comedy viral videos

15 of the Funniest Viral Sketch Comedy Videos on the Clock App Right Now

Caution: choking from laughing hazard!
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Duolingo Has Become Unhinged on TikTok, They're the Unexpected Masters of this Silly Little App

Duolingo Has Become Completely Unhinged on TikTok, They're the Unexpected Kings of this Silly Little App

"Just an owl tryna vibe."
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Viral tiktok creator makes a comedy series about John Johnson

Viral TikToker Creates Hilarious Series of 'John Johnson,' a Character Who Uses His Thing as a Propeller

Or as a fan. Or helicopter…
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