People mock influencer for disgusting posts with bare feet, reading

Influencer's Crusty Barefoot Gym Behavior Disgusts the People of Twitter

It's a well-known fact that January is probably the worst month to be a gym member . While it's never fun to share equipment (or space, or smells) with a host of strangers, the discomfort increases tenfold at the beginning of the year, when amateurs sign up for new memberships as part of their New Year's resolutions. The presence of these newbies can be jarring, and, in some cases, can actually influence people to stop going to the gym for a while. They'll wait to return until the influx subsid…
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aita parenting family drama FAIL family Parenting Fail - 16887557

Mother Steals Child's College Fund, Uses it to Remodel Kitchen

How's that new kitchen looking mom?
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Funny photos of people being trashy, bad tattoos, dumb people, stupid people, cringe, fail | My grandfather passed away today. Sympathy pussy? | pregnancy photoshoot

Tacky Images From the Landfills Of The Internet

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TIFU by holding a grudge for 29 years against a kid at school who called me "Carrot Boy"

'Carrot Boy' returns to his high school reunion and has a cringey carrot meltdown, fulfills his own prophecy

Well, if he wasn't going to be remembered as Carrot Boy before, he certainly is now; there's no walking it back from this one, folks. As commenters have suggested, if he had merely approached the conversation as if it was an old inside joke rather than something that he was harboring deep resentment over, he could have won his old classmates over and finally been rid of his demons in one swift stroke. Instead, the monkey's paw has curled—and the prophecy comes to pass. He is now, and forever wi…
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An employee gives their two weeks notice, hotshot manager tries to fire them, and end up getting demoted themselves.

Employee Gives Two Weeks Notice, Hotshot Manager Tries To Fire Employee and Gets Demoted

Oh boy did that manager learn their lesson.
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wedding shaming, bridezilla, horrible weddings, cringe, disaster, reddit, funny, memes, groom, marriage, relationships, fail

Cringe & Disgraceful Wedding Moments That Deserve to Be Shamed

What is it with mother-in-laws who insist on wearing white to their kid's wedding? Is it rooted in some twisted Oedipal sense of rivalry with the bride, or is it just that some people need to be the center of attention at all times? On the flip side, there seems to be an epidemic of dudes who show up to their own wedding looking like they're about to do a kickflip at the local skate park. But the occasional outfit faux pas is a minor infraction compared to some of the heinous choices people mak…
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People share stories of bad therapist, therapist horror stories, wtf

Unprofessional and Hurtful Times Therapists Proved They Probably Shouldn't Be Therapists

It seems like everyone and their mom is in therapy these day s, and when you think about how terrible everything has felt for the past few years, it's definitely for the best. Therapy, while arguably a luxury, is an incredibly important tool for people who may be having a difficult time coping with mental illness or the pressures of simply being alive. Unfortunately, not all therapists are created equal. While seeking help for my own issues (beyond bullies who are telling me to quit my job here…
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choosing beggar, funny, infuriating, wtf, stupid people, fail, memes, funny texts, reddit, facebook, freelance, jobs, work

Entitled Cheapskates Who Have Got A Lotta Nerve

'Exposure' doesn't pay the bills.
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Funny news fail about donner lake california, christmas, cannibalism

News Program's Gruesome Holiday Fail Delights American History Buffs of Twitter

As purveyors of entertainment media, we know it can be a hustle to churn out timely, holiday-related content around the end of the year. Finding content that has to do with Christmas, Hannukah, Kwanzaa, or even peoples' contempt for the holidays can be tough especially when we're working abbreviated schedules. It's only natural that some well-meaning people would manage to muck this up, and it seems that one television news channel has won 2022's award for “Best Seasonal Fail of the Year". Twit…
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cringe, wtf, woke, funny, cringe tweets, bad tweets, funny tweets, twitter thread, politics, identity politics, stupid people, ruthkanda forever, memes, nsfw, yikes, fail

Some of the Worst Tweets Of All Time In One Painful Thread

We often highlight some of the funniest jokes that Twitter has to offer for those who normally wouldn't go near the bird website with a ten-foot pole. But it would be a lie to portray Twitter as anything other than a cesspool of horrific takes and the sort of cringe that can only come from brains rotted by the internet. For those of us sickos who can't get enough of social media's cringiest moments, @benner's thread is a goldmine of the worst tweets ever twote. Before you dive into this content…
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Funny times old people failed at social media

Funny Posts From Old People Who Haven't Mastered Social Media

They're so special.
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Reddit story about negligent parents trying to pawn off their children on a babysitter on Christmas day

Negligent Parents Try To Pawn Off Their Children Onto a Babysitter On Christmas Day

Mother & father of the year
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Funny and cringey photoshop fails, catfishing, cringeworthy, yikes | see happens stay on grind Jalen Skutt @JalenSkutt Did door hit gym too? | Don't hate her cause she has curves just say prayer poor horse.

A Cringey Collection of Photoshop Failures

This is why Photoshop tutorials exist.
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fail, facepalm, cringe, funny texts, funny comments, clever comebacks, pain, lol, memes, schadenfreude

Fail-Filled Memes & Images That Are Painful to Look At

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Photoshop fails

Cringey Photoshop Fails From Brands and Social Media Users

You'd think that with all the apps available to us, and all the outsourcing, people and brands would be a lot better at editing their photos . Unfortunately, whether due to laziness, budget, or plain stupidity, the internet has made it glaringly obvious that this is simply not the case. The proof can be found in advertisements for clothing and strange, unnecessary products on Ali Baba. It's also found (with great frequency) on social media, where sadly insecure people go to great and misguided…
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Funny moments of kids being stupid

Entertaining Times Kids Were Adorably Stupid

Lots of parents like to brag about how smart their children are. These parents are all over Twitter, spouting dubious claims about their children's intelligence, their IQs, and even jotting down full quotes to impress netizens with their offspring. One of the best examples has got to be the one from @hinxminx, which before its deletion, read as follows: “'Everyone dies one day. Everyone. Even wolves. But not books. Not words. Words don't die.” - my son, 3, who is a lot smarter than I am ' Prett…
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