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Photo of ET in a dress with the caption, "Me every night: I'm gonna get up super early tomorrow and make myself look pretty; Me every morning at work:"
Via maxstout808
geek stranger things ET sci fi netflix the shining - 254215

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alien christopher walken ET hilarious MIB movies - 4816860160
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ET's Sister

Aliens wtf ET - 7983411968
Created by Unknown

ET Got Some Sweet Hair

ET funny hair selfie - 7963659776
Created by shimmyfab

Alien Kids

costume ET halloween kids vintage wtf - 7950136320
Created by Unknown

Cam Newton Totally Looks Like E.T.

ET totally looks like - 7949923072
Created by teknosha

It's Out of This World

ET funny puns meat wtf - 7892503040
Created by Unknown

Lady Gaga Phone Home

costume ET lady gaga funny - 7562514176
Created by Unknown

My Dog Sancho Totally Looks Like ET in a Blanket

ET TLL dogs - 7094046720
Created by L4UR3N004

David Cross Totally Looks Like E.T.

80s actor arrested development celeb David Cross ET funny Movie TLL TV - 6504064512
Created by TuckerBentley

E.T. Totally Looks Like Some Food

E.T ET food funny Movie TLL - 6357140224
Created by Unknown


ET eww sunburn tanning Terrifying - 6206288128
Created by idiot5


Courtney Stodden ET going home hilarious wtf - 6165208064
Created by pilo1313

E.T Moth Totally Looks Like E.T

animal ET funny TLL - 6091025920
Created by littleking

ET Wants You to Make it Home!

ET movies wtf - 5619169280
Created by PlsticRainbow
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