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Surprisingly, #StarbucksDrakeHands Isn't Enough to Woo a Lady Over

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Drake's Hairline Totally Looks Like Big 5 Gum

Drake MTV VMAs totally looks like - 7764250112
By Unknown

Drake Has Been Branded

Drake poorly dressed g rated - 7763537664
By Unknown

And I Like Sitting

Drake sitting funny - 7595291136
By Unknown

Dude, You Were in Degrassi, Stop Trying to Be Hard

Drake lil wayne whose line is it anyway - 7579599616
By Unknown

EA! Have You Learned Nothing!

E32013 Drake EA - 7558636288
By Unknown

Seeing is Believing

chatroulette Drake - 7420834816
By TheLazahKing

Girls Love's Beyonce by Drake Totally Looks Like Somebody by Gotye

Drake beyoncé totally looks like - 7349250048
By sinajax

Came From The Bottom of The Deep End

Drake struggles - 7257154560
By 2Bop1283

It Does When You Fall On It

land magic the gathering Drake - 3185294336
By Unknown

What Is Wrong With This Generation

yolo heart swag Drake facebook derp - 6899460352
By zachalito

Walt Is A Much Better Example Of YOLO Than Drake

breaking bad cute Drake yolo walter white - 6702493952
By LightningBlast


Canada staph Drake justin bieber - 6683739648
By Unknown

I Have Drake You

Drake drawing people - 6696188928
Via Know Yr Memes

Everybody Walk the Dinosaur

band dinosaur Drake - 6619243776
By Unknown

Oh, Stop It You

beautiful Drake inspirational oh you the internets - 6120706816
By thehirosprite