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Matt Damon Eloquently Explains Why They Don't Make Movies Like They Used to on 'Hot Ones'

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People Lament The Demise Of The DVD Commentary Track

Bring it back
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Cracked remade lord of the rings for $20

We Remade Lord of the Rings For Only $20

Budget at its best.
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Funny Twitter thread responding to Blockbuster 'checking in' brand Twitter accounts | Blockbuster RICN @blockbuster Just checking. Domino's Pizza @dominos Replying blockbuster used have some wild Friday nights back day.

Blockbuster 'Checks In' To Twitter, Gets Some Hilarious Nostalgic Replies

Well we certainly weren't expecting this.
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*Sheds A Single Tear*

Caption that reads, "Time heals all wounds but the scars are a constant reminder" above a pic of a painted over sign of an old Blockbuster
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Thanksgiving's Just Around The Corner

Tweet that reads, "My five-year-old son just asked, 'What if we put a slice of turkey in the DVD player and it played a movie about the turkey's whole life?' and none of the parenting books I've read have prepared me for this question"
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Hell Yeah

Caption that reads, "A laptop but with a VHS player" above a pic of a laptop with a video tape and a Tumblr comment below that reads, "A glimpse into another dimension"
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The War Tore a Hole in My DVD Collection

DVD taken Y U NO - 8116129280
Created by death_by_rage


DVD - 4374359808
See all captions Created by Unknown

Don't Show Your Uncle Scar

cute disney DVD lion king scar stare dad - 6202594048
Created by Unknown

This is Longer Than the Goddamn Movie

DVD Movie Rage Comics - 6154433024
Created by Unknown

Classic: I'm Gonna Be Here All Day

DVD Rage Comics - 6018575104
Created by Unknown


DVD idiots mirror Sexy Ladies wait wtf - 5593028864
Created by adiadv10
arnold schwartzenegger commentary DVD Mars total recall Video - 29566977

Most Irrelevant Commentary Ever

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chalkboard DVD hilarious writer wtf - 5048858880
Created by edward62

You'd Have to Get Up

DVD Harry Potter Rage Comics television - 4969730304
Created by Unknown
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