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Memes Invade the Internet in Reaction to 'Alien Bodies' Reveal at Mexican Congressional Hearing

New alien just dropped
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Weekly Internet Roundup: Rage-baiting Food, Entertaining Nepo Babies, and Transatlantic Tipping Discourse

Plus: TikTok gets put in the hot seat.
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I see what you did there

Congress Democrat republican - 8794812416
Via Imgur

Cleveland Gets Political

Congress cleveland - 8403748608

Actually Scratch That Idea, You'll Die of Alcohol Poisoning

beer drinking games Congress after 12 - 8263941376

Mark Twain Knows What's Up

Congress mark twain - 8229966592

How Do You Think, You Little Bastard?


Partying is Dangerous Because It Leads to Excessive Drinking


US Congressional Draft 2015

Congress sad but true politics web comics - 8490824704
Created by slugnutter ( Via Slug Nuts )
Congress isis Video politics - 70852865

Memes vs. ISIS

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Who Sponsors Your Congressman?

government Congress idiots funny - 8461320960

Partying is Dangerous Because It Leads to Excessive Drinking

Congress george washington Party party hard - 8365650688

Congress: A Collection of Extremely Mature Individuals

Congress wikipedia - 8315058432

Cleveland Gets Political

cleveland Congress - 8274827520

Gotta Stick It to Those Fat Cats in Washington

Congress demotivational - 8257348352
Via Bing

Well There's Our Problem

Congress - 8254040320
Created by Scottahemi
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