Funny tweets in reaction to trumps colorado border wall comments

Twitter Is Having A Field Day Over Trump's 'Colorado Border Wall'

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Indian Hills community center, colorado, funny signs, puns.

Indian Hills Community Center Serves Up Some Seriously Punny Signs

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I'd Bet People That Live There Are Happier

unless you like cops, don't smoke weed in 46 of the 40 states
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Spotted in Fort Collins, CO

guns Colorado - 8390641664

You Were Practically Asking for This, Colorado

Colorado license plates - 8348076032

Denver Hotel Rooms Be Like...

Colorado marijuana 420 pot weed - 8272520192

Colorado: Where Even Mother Nature is High

Colorado spring snow summer - 8193172992

These Are the Kind of Warning Signs That Are Going Up in Colorado

420 Colorado marijuana weed pot - 8083971584
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Colorado videos comedy - 57533185

Colorado Tourism Commercial

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Colorful, They Said

Colorado snow winter - 6888617984
By mike.bryant89

Hey Colorado

Colorado marijuana barack obama - 6795940864
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Do Tacos Sound Really Good to Anyone Else Right Now

Colorado marijuana smoke - 6743608576
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Smokey the Bear Has a Lot of Work to Do

Colorado laws Meanwhile drugz - 6749671936
By PetePete

Join the Club

Colorado marijuana Lame Pun Coon america state - 6743866112
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batman Colorado political pictures shooting twitter - 6443587584
By ichc.jill (Via The Daily What)

Pyro's Dream Vacation

Colorado colorful Memes pyro team fortress vacation - 6379542016
By XxSubjectDeltaxX
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