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25+ Sci-Fi Memes for Intergalactic Geeks (September 18, 2023)

*Cue X-Files theme music*
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A compilation of tweets about the upcoming horror movie M3GAN and the titular characters viral dance

The Funniest M3GAN Tweets That Celebrate The Titular Creepy Dancing Doll

There's a new dancing doll in town, and her name is M3GAN. Horror movies such as Childs Play and Annabelle have put creepy dolls on the map as certified horror icons. However, creepy dolls don't just have to be red-headed Raggedy Ann-esque weirdos. They can also be uncanny-valley animatronic dancing girls who are both killers and fierce divas! Earlier this week, Universal came out with the trailer for their upcoming horror movie M3GAN , which follows a woman named Gemma who takes in her young n…
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A compilation of funny and random memes

Random Memes For One Mr. Rand Om

We've got a fresh hot list of memes for one Mr. Rand Om? Is there a Randy Om in the room? Randolph Om, are you present? No? What a waste. Coming up with clever and funny pun names are one of the few instances where I find the art of punning vaguely tolerable. My friends and I keep a list of different pun names we think of and they range from incredible to abominable: Collin Response, Jaqueline Turn, Miss Taken Identity, Patty O'Furniture, Heather Interior, Cathy Lick. The list goes on and on. P…
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Funniest Chucky Memes That Made Us Scream Just In Time For Halloween

Funniest Epic Chucky Memes That Have Us Howlin' At The Full Moon

"A True Classic Never Goes Out Of Style."
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Do You Want Your Kid to Have Nightmares?

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That is Not Who I Thought I'd Wake Up Next To

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Ads for the Upcoming Chucky Sequel Are Only Mildly Terrifying

Chucky gifs - 7909758208
Created by Unknown

Honey Boo Boo Totally Looks Like Chucky

TLL Chucky honey boo-boo - 7095271424
Created by JesseRose

I Wasn't Expecting This on My Commute

costume Movie Chucky Subway - 6866496512
Created by Unknown

No, Thank You

Chucky nightmare fuel - 6613337344
Created by Unknown


cartoons Chucky nickelodeon Rage Comics rugrats tommy - 5956833024
Created by shaunmcg

Chucky Totally Looks Like Kuato From Total Recall

childs play Chucky evil movies total recall ugly - 4923759616
Created by ZeRobertos

Hillary Clinton Totally Looks Like Chucky

Chucky dolls Hillary Clinton movies politicians - 4676124160
Created by zxcvbnm022


Chucky creepy horror IRL Movie - 4659028992
Created by apollogesus


Chucky doll horror Lily Cole model movies - 3995514624
Created by Lemonbaby


actress Chucky dolls french horror old - 3674870016
Created by lodewijk
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