'Incorrect' is a Pretty Relative Term if You Ask Me

Chemistry doing it right double meaning Hall of Fame heavy literalism metal misinterpretation symbols - 5849526016
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Chemistry hilarious science wtf - 5733402112
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But I Made Something Fantastic

Chemistry expectation vs reality meme the internets - 5691695104
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Can't Tell If Trolling or Nascar Fan

Chemistry Yahoo Answer Fails - 5707544832
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Dropping the Science: So If I Made These In My Bathtub...

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Dropping the Science: Cool In a Molecule

art Chemistry Memes Party - 5643510272
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Dropping the Science: Save a Horse, Ride an Amoeba

biology Chemistry dinosaurs Memes robots science - 5572592384
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Dropping the Science: But My Teacher Told Me Not to Eat In the Lab

beaker chemical Chemistry cookies Memes - 5539848192
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He Shines Brightest On His Own

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My Favorite Felion Friend

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When Do We Start Breaking Bad?

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Written in the Stars/Bible

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