I'm Out

Caption that reads, "Imagine you marry someone and find out they sleep like No. 6" above a chart of different sleeping positions, number six being very odd
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A Clear and Handy Chart to End the 'Is It a Hoverboard?' Dispute

funny flow chart is it a hoverboard?
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The Guide to What a Dog Is

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What the Hell Are You?

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Sick Chart, Bro

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Chart ALL the Numbers!

Chart - 5942968320
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Pocketing the Best

fashion Chart pants - 7802406912
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Turns Out Our Pet Cats Are All Dwarves

Chart Cats funny newspaper - 7611067904
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The Law of Diminishing Brownies

Chart brownies food - 8009169152
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What's Your Unicorn Name?

unicorn Chart name - 8009172480
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How to Use an Umbrella

Chart umbrella rain - 7984672768
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Do You Know Your Horns?

animals Chart horns - 7960659712
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Punctuation Social Personalities

Chart punctuation personality g rated School of FAIL - 7935059200
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50 Years of Christmas Toys

Chart christmas toys - 7952016128
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How to Roll Up Your Sleeves with Style

fashion Chart How To - 7953969664
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The Reality of Putting On Eyeliner

fashion Chart eyeliner makeup - 7948804352
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