Pokémemes: Oppan Gengar Style

Battle comic gangnam style psy - 6589278208
Created by justinmelgarejo ( Via Anubis-007 )

Back Off, Man

back off Battle critters frogman frogs gifs - 6551037440
Created by meganeguard

Pokémemes: The Hunger Games Used Sitting in Trees

Battle Pokémon super effective hunger games twilight - 6462263296
Created by Unknown

Pokémemes: Moltres Used Sky Attack

Battle IRL moltres Pokémemes - 6506611968
Created by litwick_flame

The Client PC Gamers Deserve

batman Battle origin steam the dark knight the feels - 6469063424
Created by Uns33n

Russian Dance Battle

Battle dance gifs lasers mindwarp - 6469741312
Created by Unknown

Runescape Logic

Battle die enemies PC runescape - 6399938560
Created by Unknown

Pokémemes: See, Even Jesus Believes in Evolution

Battle best of week meme Memes Pokémemes shinies - 6349179136
Created by NeoseedGadget

Best Weapon in the Game

Battle jrpg PC steam sale valve - 6359917568
Created by Unknown

Pokémemes: Love is a Battlefield

Battle best of week friendzone IRL Pokémemes rage comic Rage Comics - 6355637504
Created by CyndaQuilava

Boxing Kitteh Gets Knocked Out

Battle boxing Cats Caturday critters dogs gifs Sundog - 6309737984
Created by gingersdk

Human Weapon

axe Battle They Said - 6308590336
Created by MusicInvestigationVideos

Corgi Is a Hell of a Drug

Battle best of week drugs painting wtf - 6280800256
Created by Ratatosk ( Via I Love Corgis )

Only if You're Ignorant

Battle fight philosoraptor sisfwip - 6292947200
See all captions Created by colenator2

Pokémemes: I Told You Not to Do That in Public!

Battle best of week miltank Pokémemes squirtle - 6287275264
Created by Unknown

Pokémemes: Mashing the "A" Button is Not Very Effective

Battle crossover meme Pokémon zelda - 6207792384
Created by Unknown