Funny Quarantine Barbies, self-deprecating, lockdown, dolls, instagram, eating, drinking, coping, gardening, baking bread | PIZZA GAP Barbie QUARANTINE WILL EVER WEAR JEANS AGAIN? EDITION EXTRA PAIR STRETCHY PANTS Includes: JEANS GAP(NEXT SIZE UP) PIZZA &RANCH DRESSING ICE CREAM MOTHER'S COOKIES BREYERS *BRA NOT INCLUDED | wine lot EVANGELIE EVANGELIE et EVANGELIE Babie Quarantine Wine Lot Edition Includes: Wine Wine Wine Cheese wine BARBIE COLLECTOR GOLD LABEL KIN

'Quarantine Barbies' Put A Sadly Relatable Spin On The Classic Dolls

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Suck It

Funny meme that reads, "'Carbs are bad for you;' Me: ..." above a photo of a barbie lying on a slice of pizza
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We All Did This As Kids

Funny meme that reads, "Me making my GI Joes make out with my sister's Barbies just to make her cry" above a photo of the director of Parasite making his Oscars kiss
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::Fans Self::

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pointless random memes with something for everyone

39 Random Memes To Fill That Humorless Void In Your Life

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cover image about thomas the train, what X will give you

28 Miscellaneous Memes That'll Bring A Moderate Amount Of Joy To Your Life

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A Credible Threat Has Been Made

A note that reads, "Mom Charlie poot my Barbie in his but hole and got poop in her hair if he dose not get in truble I will poop on his hamster"
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Too Real

Funny meme about dating.
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Collection of funny memes about sex, Donald Trump, robots, parenting, drake, saved by the bell, dating, meme making, skyrim, spongebob squarepants, grandparents, wild thornberrys.

Lunch Break: 15 Funny Memes to Help You Over the Hump

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Funny list of memes about ken doll's new man bun.

Best Of: Man Bun Ken Doll Memes

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bizarre barbie sculptures

This Instagram Account Starring a Severed Barbie Head With Hands is the Most Intriguingly Terrifying Thing I've Ever Seen

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Well-Played BARBie

stranger things barbie trending
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Oh Boy, Here We Go


Disregard Haters, Acquire Parking Space

Barbie cars twitter - 8236560896

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

wtf toys Barbie - 8356920064


Barbie idiots just kidding make up scene - 3849640960
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