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Best Buds Divide Opinion With A Wholesome Social Media Callout For More Friends

Not the easiest thing to do.
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Please Exit This Conversation

Funny meme about a third person attempting to interject into a conversation above a photo of Beyonce and Jay-Z looking annoyed | When someone randomly joins in on your conversation with your best friend
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How Sweet

Text conversation where one person says they want to be more than friends; other person asks if they mean "best friends" and person 1 says no; second person asks if they mean "mega best friends"
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Snek Just Wanted A Lil Friend

Caption that reads, "My aunt has a snake at my house and she brought a mouse to feed him. The mouse is now on day 5 and they are BFFs now" above a pic of a little mouse cuddling with a snake
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BFFs cute Video g rated win - 58510081

These Best Friends Are 100 Years Old, and They're Here to Explain Pop Culture to You

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Penguin BFFs

BFFs penguins the internets - 6450912768
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The Internet IRL: Insanity Wolf & Courage Wolf

BFFs internet irl The Internet IRL wolves - 4279506688
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