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Young Woman Goes Viral After Rejecting Man At The Gym

No one enjoys having to deal with a creep , but unfortunately it's a position that a lot of women find themselves in way too often. It's uncommon to have these encounters caught on camera, but when they are it offers a stark reminder of what some people go through on a regular basis. Avrey Ovard is a 19 year-old influencer who has drawn attention for publicizing her own experience of unwanted attention. While filming for a fitness video to go on her YouTube channel, her camera captured an awkwa…
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Hiker Ruins The Mood By Photobombing Romantic Proposal

We have all seen the effort that die hard romantics will put into the perfect proposal . For some, the search for the perfect moment is one of the most important decisions of their lives, aside from the wedding plans themselves. However, no matter how much effort gets put in there is still a chance for plenty of things to go wrong. This is doubly true when it comes to proposing in public. Trusting the general public not to mess things up can be a tall order, as a video by brooke.michaela has sh…
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Marriage-Ruining Freudian Slips From 'Family Feud'

Big yikes
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Uncomfortable facts

17 Cringey Facts That People Wish They Could 'Un-Know'

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Funny comedy sketch about father and son having an awkward conversation, sex

Comedy Sketch About A Father/Son Chat Gets Super Awkward Super Fast

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We All Do It

Funny meme that reads, "That awkward little run when someone lets you cross the street" above an image of Squidward running
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funny tweets and tumblr posts about embarrassing and awkward conversations and situations | R @RyanLangdon_ elevator doors opened up and guy walked elevator just and him there and he said love And not rude so said love too He gave weird look and pointed at his Bluetooth. | unclewhiskysrevenge So MEANT say "oh crap left my phone my car but ALMOST said oh no left my cone my phar and damn, wouldn't have been embarrassing, but caught myself, and ACTUALLY said Ah, my fart cone So anyway

Twenty-Four Tales Of Amusing Awkwardness

We've all had moments like this.
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Thank God That's Over With

Funny meme about introverts hating phone calls featuring Frodo Baggins throwing the ring into the fire | introverts after making it an entire phone call It's done
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Hell To The Naw

Funny tweet that reads, "I'd rather be put in the luggage hold than have to sit like this on a plane" above an image of four people facing each other on an airplane
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liars called out | Im not girl who always has boy friend Im girl who rarely has boy friend Google taylor swift and taylor swift and conor kennedy aylor swift and taylor lautner taylor swift and zac efron taylor swift and harry styles taylor swift and kennedy taylor swift and john mayer taylor swift and joe jonas taylor swift and adam young aylor swift and conor taylor swift and patrick schwarzenegger | Mark Hamill called Zack Snyder's Watchmen his favorite movie. Mark Hamill No didn't

15 Cringey Liars Who Were Called Out For Their Blatant BS

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Funny meme that reads, "When you find out your daily lifestyle is actually called 'quarantine'" above images of the nervous monkey looking around
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Funny meme that reads, "When you show somebody a picture on your phone and they start scrolling" above a photo of a guy angrily holding a stop sign
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Funny video taken by a passenger on a bus driven by a driver who thinks there's no one on the bus

Passenger Secretly Records Bus Driver Who Thinks He's Alone

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Funny Twitter stories about people who had awkward encounters with celebrities | tweet by lookattyler drunk and met zoe kravitz at bar brooklyn once kept telling her beautiful she is and just so overwhelmed by beautiful she started crying she craddled her arms and just kept telling going be okay.

Awkward Encounters With Celebrities, As Told By Mortified Twitter Users

Big oof.
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Funny dank memes - Tom Hanks making a grimacing facial expression at the Golden Globes during a speech by Ricky Gervais | tweet by Jules02312 one friend who has bad hygiene says someone else smells bad TomHanks. 2020 MY YEAR SURE 2020:

Award-Deserving Memes Inspired By Tom Hanks' Grimace At The Golden Globes

Memes inspired by our second favorite dude in Hollywood!
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awkward Oblivious Woman In A Cafe | tweet by LittleCecil2 so, l'm sat busy cafe reading book with cup tea and pastry and lady sat opposite engrossed her newspaper has just taken bite my pastry. will update

Embarrassing Twitter Story About An Oblivious Woman In A Cafe Is All Of Us

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