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Weird & Funny Behind-The-Scenes Photos From Film & TV

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Pentagon Confirms 'Regular Sightings' of UFOs & The Internet Is Suspicious

We want to believe. Or do we?
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Grimes' New Full Back Tattoo Gets Meme'd & Roasted

Looks like an angry cat went to town on Grimes' back.
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Via ARussianAndHisBike
askreddit, wholesome, 2020, coronavirus, scifi, aliens, future, climate change, comments, reddit | r/AskReddit u/ilikepintobeans If 2021 is as good as 2020 bad will see happen 2021?

People Fantasize About What Their Ideal 2021 Would Look Like

Indirect laments about the failures of 2020
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America First

Funny meme that reads, "Aliens in movies" above an image of Buzz Lightyear saying, "Hmm yes the earth here is made out of of USA"
Via ksac62

Nothing To See Here

Funny Twitter meme that reads, "WELCOME VISITOR. WE HAVE A 'CHURCH' AND A 'SCHOOL' AND NO TENTACLES WHATEVER" above an image of a map of a city called, "Humansville"
funny animal memes, animal skulls, skeletons, imagining how aliens would reconstruct animals just from their skulls | skull aliens would reconstruct animal animal: cute kitten and hamster

28 Animal Memes That Riff On Their Misleading Skeletal Structures

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Funny memes from the movie 'They Live' showing actor Roddy Piper puts on a pair of sunglasses that lets him see through lies | CHASE BLACK LIVES MATTER PLEASE DON'T BURN DOWN OUR BANKS | SOCIAL DISTANCING COMMUNISM have willed myself into thinking temporary Inconvenience is oppression and conspiracy strip my rights because have no idea real oppression is like.

'They Live' Memes Are All About Seeing Straight Through Lies

An updated version of the Peter Parker glasses meme!
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No One Knows What's Going On In My Brain

Funny meme that reads, "Me explaining my way of thinking to normal people" above a photo of an alien explaining something to a human woman
Via KingRememberedInTime1
Funny reaction memes and tweets to the Pentagon releasing UFO footage | clouds flipping off Sociopath Memer @sociopath_ladka *Pentagon releases 3 UFO footages* Humans: Now only God can save us Meanwhile God ufo2020 #AliensExist | Rick and Morty 2020 is so fucking wild Pentagon just confirmed UFOS and 's barely news.

Unexplained UFO Footage Officially Released By The Pentagon, Because What Else Could Go Wrong In 2020

This is getting ridiculous.
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Funny meme about how aliens are returning to egypt because of coronavirus covid-19 Nature returning to Italy: Dolphins Nature returning to Egypt:
Via @memebase
Funny Halo memes

Twenty-Five Halo Memes For The Gamer Nerds

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Funny meme from 'Rick and Morty' entitled "Oh Boy, Here I Go Killing Again"

Seventeen Trending Dank Memes For The 'Rick And Morty' Fans

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Interesting CNN news video where the US Navyy confirms speculated UFO sightings

US Navy Confirms That Past Clips Of UFO Sightings Are Legit

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Video of man naruto running behind reporter at area 51

Dude Naruto Runs Behind Reporter As Area 51 Raid Commences

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